Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Throughout history populations have been pitted against each other by leaders with nefarious plans. It usually ends in profound suffering. History books are filled with it. The Khmer Rouge promoted “narking” amongst their impoverished, starving citizens, for crimes as miniscule as scavenging for food. The East German Stasi planted “narks” amongst the people to sift out those not complying with “The Party”. The Nazis relied on collaborators to identify those in hiding and their accomplices.

Today people choosing Covid vaccination are being encouraged to blame those choosing to decline the vaccination, for ongoing loss of freedoms. “Anti Vaxxer” is the newest buzzword. Which is ironic when people such as vaccinologists, immunologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectious disease epidemiologists and others with relevant specialist knowledge are maligned with such nonsense instead of being offered a platform to speak, in order that all sides of the debate can be heard. The only side being heard comes from the pharmaceutical industry. That alone should be a warning sign given the many billions of dollars involved.

Avital Livny created the Testimonies Project in Israel, to give a voice to those who have been vaccine injured this year. It was removed from YouTube. The pain and heartbreak is horrific and I feel sure that noone I know would deliberately support that this happens to a single fellow human, particularly not under force. Avital gave testimony to the Corona Ausschuss team in the past couple of days. “You have to understand that the environment in Israel is … there is great incitement against people who are unvaccinated“. If nothing else this shows the impact of a highly successful propaganda campaign. Israel would surely have been the one nation to have known better than this?

Mandates are rolling out globally to ensure exclusion of “the unvaccinated” from those freedoms that “the vaccinated” are being promised. People continue to believe that life will revert to normal, if only everyone agrees to vaccination. Leaders are uniformly making promises to those who comply with vaccination. People continue to comply. To believe normality will return. To follow this incredibly odd “new normal” of freedoms attached to compliance with an experimental medical intervention, without question.

Liz Gunn is a New Zealand television personality who yesterday spoke out after the Prime Minister stated that new world order will involve excluding “the unvaccinated” from society. Those complying for now perhaps believe that dose 2 is all that is needed. They are not looking to Israel, were a fourth shot is now required; or to the evidence being openly shared by World Economic Forum and their globalist partners, showing that vaccine compliance is just the beginning. Gunn’s twelve minute video shows someone of humane principal who understands history and recognises the threat we are all under. Our enemy is certainly not “the unvaccinated”. We have to know this, and to reject this new and evil illusion being foisted upon the world.

Robert F Kennedy Junior, a stalwart of freedom and democracy, has been advocating for pharmacovigilance for many years, via Childrens Health Defense. He knows too well, the phenomenon of using the phrase “anti vax” to shut down analysis and debate. He has the tireless courage and dignity of his predecessors, boxing-on despite aggressive censorship and misrepresentation. I recently discovered his podcast The Defender where he interviews a range of interesting people, for example sixteen minutes with Dr Brad Meyer who lost his job this year for (successfully) treating patients with established, re-purposed antiviral medicines instead of following standing orders to ventilate.

The protests in Italy against their “Green Pass” (why is it called that?) have been relentless for weeks now, with many millions across all towns and cities standing together to protect democracy against something their national history knows too well.

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, GP with the UK National Health Service, spoke to talkRADIO recently, describing the rollout of vaccine passports as having no scientific justification, and their only purpose being to establish a digital identification system. In the same interview she statedwe are being treated like children. We are being groomed. I actually feel like I’m being groomed by an abusive partner … these things dangled all the time, then taken away. We are punished for being naughty …“.

Dan Wootton talked about the latest plans for another winter lockdown in the UK at this three minute clip with GB News. “…the threats on our freedoms and civil liberties are even more severe than first thought. The civil service, the doomsday scientists and the hysterical media are in lockstep over the need to lockdown again … “. Why?

Using totalitarianism as a public health intervention whilst denying established evidence based practice causes chaos and impoverishment, increasing illness and suffering. When this happens it will not in fact, be the fault of “the disobedient”, but of those promoting the idea that the decisions they are making and foisting upon society are “the disobedient’s” fault. A simple plan. One which, repeatedly throughout history, has advanced minority power whilst causing catastrophic misery.

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