Unintended Consequences

Children’s Health Defense produce CHD.TV, which seems to be a series of podcast-style interviews. Paediatrician Dr Paul Thomas hosts “Against the Wind”, the latest episode of which was published on 21 October 2021. The first interview in this episode is with Dr Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It takes some concentration but her half hour interview describes the way in which mRNA vaccines work, and the serious concerns she has about them.

Robert F Kennedy Junior, of the infamous Democrat family, has a legal background and has undertaken in-depth research into the geo-political issues playing out globally. He interviews a range of people including experts and members of the general public with a story to share, at his podcast The Defender. His fifteen minute chat with Dr Christina Parks who is a cellular and molecular biologist, dated 29 September, is a particularly good discussion about vaccine mandates and vaccine hesitancy.

Meanwhile, in the UK the population are being prepped for further winter lockdowns. This is not public health, so what is it?

This two minute clip of Alex Berenson’s recent interview with Joe Rogan shows that 70% of UK Covid deaths are occurring in those who are fully vaccinated. Could this be connected with the concerns that multiple experts have been speaking out about, against a tide of aggressive censorship, for over a year, about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)?

Protests arrived in Darwin this week after the Chief Minister for the Northern Territory announced $5,000 fines for anyone found to be declining this experimental “vaccine”. Why would state leaders be pushing this so aggressively? Have they sold a promise to the pharmaceutical industry in exchange for our public assets? It is hard to imagine what else would be driving such vicious attacks against innocent civilians?

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