Holding The Line For Freedom

On 16 October the global Freedom Stand included a crowd in Times Square where Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke. He is a lawyer and is described by Wikipedia as being “anti vaccine”. Until recently this label would have been enough to ensure I ignored him. This year, with so much pharmaco-despotism being pushed on the world, with big tech and media collusion, I listened to him and have discovered an intelligent, ethical, courageous public health and democracy advocate standing up to the pharmaceutical cartel.

Has Australia fallen to tyranny? Let us hope not. But throughout history, using ‘safety’ as an excuse for such policies and human rights abuses is an all too common hallmark of evil, and repetition does not make it any less morally and ethically reprehensible. ~ HART Group, Advance Australia Fair?

A group of young and influential Australians collaborated in this podcast to oppose the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 being proposed this week to Victoria’s state parliament. Australians are being asked to share the warning everywhere, to help put a stop to it.

Ten thousand “essential workers” threatened with job loss in New York City, marched across Brooklyn Bridge chanting “Hold The Line”. Seen at independent news show, The Highwire Episode 239. Among other stories, the same episode interviews Leilani Lutani, who is dying of renal failure. Her hopes to have a kidney transplant have been obstructed by Covid vaccine mandates. There is no rationale for such a mandate when the absolute risk reduction for Covid is 1% and there is a risk increase associated with other diseases and causes of death. The only explanation seems to be pharmaceutical industry capture of health care and of health ethics. Leilani is holding the line with her life, in the name of democracy and freedom for those who will come after her.

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