Discrimination and Devastation

Despite the limited endpoints of the ongoing trials for Covid-19 vaccines, most people interpret them, via the name “vaccine”, as offering herd immunity. This is often, but not always, the endpoint offered by traditional vaccines. However, the Covid-19 trial data itself does not claim to offer evidence for vaccine induced herd immunity. Rapid decline of recipient antibody levels requiring ongoing frequent boosters, and spike protein mutations suggesting current vaccines do not target the dominant Delta variant, show real world limitations for this idea.

Infamous, skilled totalitarian Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum, promotes the claim of herd immunity using the guise of inter-dependent “safety” to maintain fear and manipulate discrimination against those who choose to decline participating in the vaccine program. What is the interest of this sinister character in public health or public safety? Winner of the European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, the Plandemic series offers comprehensive answers to this question.

Yesterday I shared two short videos from Members of the European Parliament, speaking out against pharmaceutical industry corruption. Another press conference from these MEPs is available here (20 minutes). Cristian Terhes (Romania), Christine Anderson (Germany), Francesca Donato (Italy), and Ivan Sincic (Croatia), are from different sides of the political spectrum, but collaborate to speak of their serious concerns about Covid-19 vaccine mandates and the crises unfolding across Europe, and in the European Parliament. Other concerned MEPs were unable to attend, seemingly due to the mandates.

Christine Anderson argues that governments are exploiting the Covid crisis to curb civic freedoms. She asks why citizens would comply with the curtailment of basic civic rights, including freedom, democracy and rule of law, which are not god-given, and must be defended.

Francesca Donato describes the current situation in Europe as “terrible”, with the Charter of Human Rights being obliterated, individuals having their freedom to employment, equality, education, health and free expression of thought seriously violated, including violent oppression of peaceful protests. Digital Green Certificates (DGCs) are now required for all social activity, from entering public premises, travel, employment and university education. This encourages discrimination based on unfounded assumptions that the non-vaccinated are infectious and the vaccinated are not. She calls for a return to the Charter of Human Rights to protect people and put an end to the enormous suffering being experienced across Europe.

Ivan Sincic expresses his sadness at seeing freedoms, rights and the rule of law endangered in Europe due to discriminations being imposed by the DGC. With evidence now showing that people with a DGC can infect others, it gives a false sense of security, has no logic or scientific rationale, and must be abandoned. He outlines the need for non-discrimination, non-segregation, proportional and appropriate public health measures including individual freedoms to say yes or no to a medical act of any kind. His message to European Parliament staff: you are not alone, fight for your rights, we are fighting with you.

Cristian Terhes holds the regulations which were voted on when the DGC was imposed across Europe a few months ago. He directly quotes from Paragraph 46: respect of fundamental rights including the right to private and family life; protection of personal data; equality before the law; non-discrimination; right to free movement. Every one of these rights is now being violated. He is being bombarded with petitions from concerned citizens threatened with job loss, even if they have proof of prior infection. His homeland of Romania have not had to fight for liberty since the fall of Communism, but out of the blue now, people are fighting for basic freedoms including bodily autonomy. European democracy is under threat.

Quote by Mark Changizi

One thought on “Discrimination and Devastation

  1. Well, we must be in a totalitarian state already, considering your quote, as we see people absolutely begging to be enslaved!!


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