Stories of Devastation

Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke on Italian National television today, describing the militarised response to Covid-19 and strategies being used to silence anyone trying to oppose it.

Senator Ron Johnson is one of relatively few American politicians daring to speak out against the pharmaceutical industry cartel who would destroy lives and societies to grow their astronomical profits and power, as we are learning today en masse.

Today Johnson led a hearing of doctors and medical researchers treating Covid-19 vaccine injuries who gathered in Washington, DC with vaccine-injured patients, lawyers, pharmacovigilance advocates and public health experts, to discuss the growing problem. The link to the live event, powerful and heartrending, is currently available at Expert Panel on Medical Mandates and Vaccine Injuries.

This week I heard a story of a doctor in a location staffed by health care workers passionately unquestioning about the claimed need for global vaccination and denial of risk differentiation, claiming that he would “like to punch these anti-vaxxers in the face”. He had just finished consulting with a concerned patient under vaccine mandation.

My firm of over 20 professionals has represented individuals injured by vaccines for many years. So we’re very familiar with these heartbreaking stories and empathise with every one of you. While we have been representing people for vaccine injury for quite a while, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 vaccine that our phones, emails, form submissions, have reached an avalanche … ~ Attorney Aaron Siri, speaking in Washington today.

Many adverse events go unreported, as described during the Washington panel by doctors, lawyers and injured individuals.

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