How to Manage a Pandemic and How Not To

Professor Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University’s School of Public Health gives this two minute lesson in Infectious Disease Epidemiology 101. What he doesn’t say, because his point is made so succinctly, is that the chart he shares is the “case fatality rate”, which means the number of people who died of the … More How to Manage a Pandemic and How Not To

The Real Anthony Fauci Resigns! Health Professionals Can Help End this Bewildering Cataclysm

Wielding incalculable power with an annual taxpayer-funded global budget exceeding US$7 billion, Fauci makes and breaks careers, enriches and punishes academic research centres, manipulates scientific journals, and dictates the subject matter, study protocols, and outcomes of pharmaceutical research across the globe. Kennedy details Fauci’s partnership with Bill Gates which began over two decades ago. … More The Real Anthony Fauci Resigns! Health Professionals Can Help End this Bewildering Cataclysm

Why Not On The Six O’Clock News?

“It’s not a conspiracy theory“, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta, Canada. WEF and their ‘Young Global Leaders’ program, who’s on the list? A list of Klaus Schwab’s WEF “Young Global Leaders”. The WEF and the Pandemic. Dutch MP Gideon van Meijeren addresses the issue of The Great Reset. Members of the European Parliament continue to … More Why Not On The Six O’Clock News?

Eyes on the Ball

This amazing group of clinicians, leaders in their fields, converged in Washington a few days ago. They discuss their experiences working in an environment of horrific, and deadly, corrupted power. Many of them have been persecuted for the crime of saving lives with cheap, repurposed, effective medications which afford no profits to the pharmaceutical industry. … More Eyes on the Ball

A Second Opinion

An inordinate amount of information is available now, providing a broader view of the public health narrative and allowing for more than a “single source of truth”. None of this information enters the realm of Trusted News Initiative-controlled, pharmaceutical industry-paid-up mainstream media outlets. Yet they are valid, usually highly qualified perspectives which under normal circumstances … More A Second Opinion

Stories of Devastation

Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke on Italian National television today, describing the militarised response to Covid-19 and strategies being used to silence anyone trying to oppose it. Senator Ron Johnson is one of relatively few American politicians daring to speak out against the pharmaceutical industry cartel who would destroy lives and societies to grow their … More Stories of Devastation