Stories of Devastation

Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke on Italian National television today, describing the militarised response to Covid-19 and strategies being used to silence anyone trying to oppose it. Senator Ron Johnson is one of relatively few American politicians daring to speak out against the pharmaceutical industry cartel who would destroy lives and societies to grow their … More Stories of Devastation

Forget Thalidomide, Worship “Science”

We have forgotten Thalidomide. We have forgotten Tuskegee. We have forgotten the Nazi doctors who carried out medical experiments which murdered many. We have apparently forgotten the many other historic tragedies with medical science (and doctors, nurses et al) at their core. Today there are some health care workers who know history and recognise their … More Forget Thalidomide, Worship “Science”


Independent journalist Taylor Hudak hosted the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics Symposium last month. In this twenty minute panel discussion she interviews three serious scientists calling for the end to the experimental vaccination program rolling out globally. They explain why they have concerns. I worked on vaccination programs for over 15 years, and sat through many … More Nonscience

Davids Fighting Goliath

PANDA have written an open letter to Save The Children, asking them to support our Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People from the COVID-19 Response. The devastating impact of lockdowns and other pandemic interventions on children, who have low risk from COVID-19, include school closures, increased poverty, increased domestic violence, decreased supports, … More Davids Fighting Goliath