This Unexpected Fight

Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology at Flinders University, whose private company developed COVAX-19, is ceasing employment at Flinders Medical Centre due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He spoke to an audience in South Australia about a week ago, in this two minute clip. His full speech and answers to audience questions, one hour long, extremely sensible and informative, and daring to challenge the idea of a “single source of truth”, is available here.

Because I’m passionate about vaccines, obviously it’s hard when I have to say that as a vaccine developer, I am not fully confident about what’s happened over the last eighteen months. And I’m not the only vaccine developer in the world who is extremely uncomfortable right now. That’s really hard to say because it could be misconstrued. But it’s a fact

Dr Julie Ponesse is a Professor of Ethics, recently placed on leave from her position at Huron University College in Ontario due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. She gave this presentation about democracy and freedom last week.

Compliance is not a virtue. It isn’t neutral, and it certainly isn’t harmless.

Probably the most courageous of all those speaking out is Pulmonologist/Epidemiologist Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, who identified and stood up to the corruption of the 2009 Swine Flu crisis, helping to end it.

The word epidemic has a lot to do with fear now, and not so much to do with illness … It is a brand for fear

It’s time to stop being afraid of an invisible threat and start asking questions of the visible threat trying to dismantle society.

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