Red Remembrance Day

Tuesday 15 November 2022 was the one year anniversary of the imposition of the New Zealand government’s vaccine mandates which attempted to enforce a “vaccine passport” digital ID system upon the nation. At this time one section of society became extremely enriched via government money, complying with elation at the bounties on offer. Another section … More Red Remembrance Day

No Longer Alone

There is a massive march in New Zealand. Of awakened souls. Sharing information. Collaborating and creating. Kirsten is a 48yo nurse who has been a registered vaccinator and was mandated out of her profession. She spoke at a recent Counterspin event about the removal of informed consent from the clinical process. Dr Mark Worthington, an … More No Longer Alone

This Unexpected Fight

Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology at Flinders University, whose private company developed COVAX-19, is ceasing employment at Flinders Medical Centre due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He spoke to an audience in South Australia about a week ago, in this two minute clip. His full speech and answers to audience questions, … More This Unexpected Fight

Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Throughout history populations have been pitted against each other by leaders with nefarious plans. It usually ends in profound suffering. History books are filled with it. The Khmer Rouge promoted “narking” amongst their impoverished, starving citizens, for crimes as miniscule as scavenging for food. The East German Stasi planted “narks” amongst the people to sift … More Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Vikings to the Rescue

Compare these freedoms with the experience of people in Lithuania who must now prove their Covid vaccination status in order to hold down employment and access services including health care. How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life. Jordan Schachtel’s latest Substack article, Freedom prevails: COVID data shows ‘public health’ mandates only harm … More Vikings to the Rescue