A World United

$9 Million was donated via Go Fund Me to the Canadian Trucking Freedom Convoy. Under political pressure, Go Fund Me decided to block release of the funds. They initially claimed they would donate it all to various charities of their own choosing. Eventually, after enough protest, they returned the money to donors, losing their 3% … More A World United

Breathing Down Their Neck

The Corona Ausschuss in Europe begin their criminal trials next week. They continue to provide public testimony from expert witnesses every Friday. On 21 January, Session 88, some of the testimony included: Written policy from a forensic mental hospital in Bavaria, Germany, where “unvaccinated” psychiatric patients may not participate in cross-ward therapies. All unvaccinated patients … More Breathing Down Their Neck

An Intelligent Discussion

Professor Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and a Physician, Epidemiologist, Health Economist and Public Health Policy expert focusing on infectious diseases in vulnerable populations. He is also co-author and lead signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration with Professor Martin Kulldorff and Professor Sunetra Gupta. He testified to the Corona Ausschuss … More An Intelligent Discussion

This Unexpected Fight

Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology at Flinders University, whose private company developed COVAX-19, is ceasing employment at Flinders Medical Centre due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He spoke to an audience in South Australia about a week ago, in this two minute clip. His full speech and answers to audience questions, … More This Unexpected Fight

Mrs Doubt Pfizer

Imposing singular ideas without exploring or allowing consideration of other possibilities causes harm beyond anything I could ever have imagined. In my public health studies 20 years ago I learned about Dr Andrew Wakefield who was sold to us as a corrupt fraud. Through this year’s crisis I’ve heard him speak of his experiences and … More Mrs Doubt Pfizer

Modern Day Book Burning

Decent public health has been destroyed by appalling journalism. Centralised media conglomerates control a consensus viewpoint, convincing the general public with ease. One example of many is an article published yesterday in a leading NZ newspaper owned by Fairfax Media, a major owner of newspapers, magazines, radio and digital media across Australasia. The ease with … More Modern Day Book Burning