We Are Billions of Beautiful Hearts

A video made by New Zealand police.

A mandate to force a “vaccine” that does not prevent transmission or infection.

How does this make sense?

What purpose does it serve?

New Zealand are rolling out their vaccine passport system. Already implemented in China and based on the Fangkong philosophy of Xi Jinping, this seventeen minute video shows what social credit systems look like for our future freedoms. The universal adoption of vaccine passports is not a trivial change … You will only be allowed to do the things that you have been given explicit permission to do. Points added for behaviour deemed to be supportive of government and big business; points subtracted for anything deemed to be divergent from the required norms.

Two hundred and fifty health care workers are alleged to have left Hastings Hospital in New Zealand due to vaccine mandates. The hospital is in a state of emergency. The only person (the scientist in the photograph below, taken from footage of protests outside Hastings Hospital) in a region of 200,000 people, able to read cancer screenings, has been stood down. In the name of protecting public health?

Simultaneous to the protests and chaos, local state-funded media are publishing warnings about pending terror attacks stemming from anti-mandate activism. The timing is uncanny, given World Economic Forum participant / mandate activist Albert Bourla has referred to the “criminality” of opposing vaccine mandates.

Bourla also happens to be the CEO of Pfizer. The credibility of his company is discussed at length at this podcast, starting at 22 minutes 50 seconds: How Pfizer Completely Fudged Its Safety and Efficacy Data. On today’s special long episode, we are treated to a spellbinding presentation by Dr. David Wiseman on how Pfizer’s clinical trial data is completely corrupted and cannot be trusted. Dr. Wiseman, a bioscientist who helped develop clinical trials for Johnson & Johnson, takes us through the math of Pfizer’s adult and child clinical trials and demonstrates how every step of its data collection was corrupted to the point that both the safety and efficacy data are meaningless. He also raises concerns about Pfizer changing its formulation and the fact that there are really no regulatory guard rails controlling the distribution and maintaining of the vials.

The mother in this headline was Covid-vaccinated three days prior to the accident. She suffered an aneurysm at 31 years of age, whilst behind the wheel with her children in the car. Her grieving husband is forbidden from visiting his critically ill children in hospital because he is unvaccinated.

Sky News Australia gave a cutting report on the protests in Melbourne Victoria, suggesting the numbers estimated by other media sources were vastly under-counted. They also described the character of most protestors as a groundswell of ordinary Victorians, who have never protested in their lives before, but that the new pandemic bill was a tipping point.

Gibraltar, the world’s most vaccinated region at 279 doses administered per 100 people (almost everyone has had their first booster), have “cancelled Christmas” because of a spike in Covid-19 cases. Their last Covid death was on 15 October. Prior to that, a single Covid-attributed death each day on August 4, August 16 and August 26.

Stop fearing the virus. Start fearing the fascism.

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