Criminals Controlling the Circus

Hitler used Article 48 to give his dictatorship the stamp of legality.

Under the decree issued on the basis of Article 48, Hitler was given authority to curtail constitutional rights including habeus corpus, free expression of opinion, freedom of the press, rights of assembly and the privacy of communications.

For 80 years, we in the West have repeatedly declared “never again” – “again” has arrived and this is the moment of truth.

New Section 8A of Daniel Andrews’ Bill is our Article 48. It affords Andrews the same tyrannical powers that went unchecked in 1933. ~ From Kill The Bill

Tens of thousands were out in Melbourne at the weekend to oppose this unprecedented Australian law. Even the family dingo joined in!

Australian elite tennis star Pat Cash has spoken out against the so-called “public health” interventions being imposed upon the world. He gave an interview with Kathy Gyngell in August 2021, about his experiences including those of his own 89yo mother. His views are fair and balanced, searching for information and questioning government and Pharma agendas.

I have absolutely no idea what MP Craig Kelly is supposed to have done wrong, that he receives so much animosity from some quarters. I don’t even know what political party he belongs to, which in fact doesn’t matter when we’re talking about right vs wrong. In his recent interview with Sonia Elijah, he comes across as a human rights advocate who understands that fascism is not the way to monitor or control infectious diseases.

Dr Shankara Chetty spoke to New Zealand via Voices For Freedom on Monday 15 November 2021. Working as a GP serving a large community of settlements in South Africa, his background includes genetics, advanced biology, microbiology and biochemistry. He has broad experience treating Covid patients and a unique perspective. “I have a completely different view of this compared to people around the world. I think the mortality and morbidity was wholly unnecessary. I think that the public health interventions were absolutely nonsensical. The deferment of early treatment is the reason for all the mortality and morbidity. Nothing else.“. He practices what was once modern public health: investigating, questioning, exploring, debating, challenging and sharing ideas. Today such behaviour is labelled “misinformation” as the single solution, stemming from a “single source of truth”, establishes on a global scale with extraordinary aggression.

Before Pfizer researchers were exposed for falsifying data, unblinding patients, using poorly trained vaccinators & failing to record adverse events in phase III trials, the company CEO Albert Bourla called for loosening regulations during a 2018 World Economic Forum panel. Since that time his power over the global population has exploded. He can now determine who the “criminals” are. And it seems that they are largely those practicing established public health which doesn’t consider his solutions as the single source of truth.

Austria have living memory of what comes next in this historical replay. Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission. Even if they did, measures intending to differentiate “vaccinated” from “unvaccinated” do not represent public health principles or practice. Something other than and contradictory to public health is running this global lockstep circus.

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