Dodgey Deification

Panic and confusion appear to be strategies of autocrats intending to impose totalitarian control. I first noticed this from the mixed messaging out of World Health Organisation almost two years ago, which felt like deliberate gaslighting. It has only continued and worsened since that time as every one of the first principles of public health has been attacked repeatedly in favour of confusion and fear.

This is outlined in interviews given with Patrick Gentempo in the Covid Revealed series. Neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruse spoke in Episode 3 about medical tyranny being used to impose an economic and political reset and who is behind it. He speaks of previous vaccine rollout problems including the experience of Dr Alton Ochsner. By way of assuring staff that the Polio vaccine was safe, Dr Ochsner injected his grandchildren with the vaccine in front of his team. A week later one grandchild died, and the other developed a mild case of Polio from the injection.

Kruse goes on to describe the mechanisms of what made the original Salk vaccine unsafe, and the “Cutter Incident” in which 200,000 American children received a defective vaccine which led to 40,000 cases of Polio, 200 with paralysis and 10 deaths. The silencing of questions about safety and efficacy of any intervention is concerning. “Schwab and Kissinger were brilliant to use this medical travesty to destroy an economy … they are trying to end it a totally different way without getting people to revolt … this story is really about our sovereignty, including our economic sovereignty, being usurped from us … if you can’t question science it’s propaganda. Exactly what Joseph Goebbels said at Nuremberg … “.

Omicron variant, used by Ms von der Leyen and others to drum up fear and compliance, is discussed in Iversen: Omicron Hype ‘Makes No Sense’:
The variant presents with such mild symptoms that the hype makes no senseTwo days before Omicron hit the news, Reuters reported that South Africa asked Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to stop sending their COVID vaccines because people were not interested in taking them. “[The South African Government] said there was too much hesitancy in the adult population and they had an overabundance of shots,” Iversen reported.

After years of hearing about the internet censorship faced by citizens living in totalitarian regimes such as China and North Korea, yesterday New Zealand showed first signs of the same thing. Officials expressing concern about views being expressed which cannot be controlled by “the fourth estate” were closely followed by the Voices for Freedom website being blocked.

LBC Radio host Maajid Nawaz and Consultant Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra discussed vaccination concerns in this ten minute interview. Dr Malhotra reviews an article in the American Heart Association’s prestigious journal ‘Circulation’, which states there is concern of a “dramatic increase in heart inflammation linked to the Covid vaccines“. They also discuss Reuters’ conflicts of interest. Malhotra was “fact-checked” by a Reuters employee with degrees in journalism, drama and literature.

… fact checkers are not independent, they’re not scientific, and as far as I’m concerned they’re vectors of anti-democratic misinformation … many of the people who are making decisions about health policy and the way forward have huge conflicts of interest … since the beginning of the pandemic, the top ten richest people in the world, people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, their wealth increased by $540 billion. Pfizer, through their vaccine rollout, is going to make $36 billion. There is a huge conflict of interest here“. ~ Dr Aseem Malhotra

Vaccine rollout closely associated with Covid-attributed cases and deaths in Vietnam. A pattern seen across multiple nations, particularly those with previously low case rates. Vaccine induced reactivation of latent coronavirus in immune populations is one possible explanation.

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