Everything is Not a Nail

The government is a three year old with a hammer, everything is a nail. It’s absurd. This virus is a high risk for the elderly with co-morbidities … but they are trying to treat all of us the same and now they’re potentially going to injure our next generation, our children. Fight. Whatever you need to do. Resist. Strike. Pull your kids out of school. … This is a health freedom issue … It is medical tyranny and it is harmful, not helpful at this point“. ~ Dr Ryan Cole

Steve Kirsch is an American entrepreneur with a background in electrical engineering and computer science. He started the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, helping to fund early treatment trials, such as Fluvoxamine, which reduced mortality 12-fold in a Phase 3 trial. His promotion of early treatments sparked enormous criticisms because “they wanted to push the vaccines, by making sure early treatment was not an alternative“. He also sparked a controversy by appearing on an episode of The Dark Horse podcast with evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein and vaccinologist Dr Robert Malone, debating concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines. He has also since founded Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and is currently working with over 20 scientists, doctors and statisticians, researching the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr Ryan Cole is a pathologist and molecular diagnostician who runs Idaho state’s largest diagnostic laboratory. A member of Americas Frontline Doctors, he speaks out about the science regularly. On 4 November 2021 Dr Cole delivered this online presentation with Steve Kirsch, hosted by Louisa Clary, via their VSRF weekly update. I’ve summarised it below.

We are in a war of words right now. We hear disinformation, misinformation, must-have-consensus, anti-this, anti-that. What is missing is dialogue, collegiality and information. When Galileo dared to speak of his theory that earth is not the centre of the universe, he was imprisoned. Was he wrong?

Emotion, belief and ideology are blinding us at this time. Fear is the real pandemic. What we really need is data, truth, optimism, love, joy and dialogue. Only by listening to each other can we win on behalf of patients. What we need to say in science is “I believe you”, whether that is vaccine injury, long covid, or anything else, in order to study and try to help.

Instead, people are being constantly attacked, and instead of attacking the issue, they’re attacking the individual. Dr Cole has been on the receiving end of this and he says “well I’m here to share data and science. This is not a political issue … this is a humanitarian issue“.

Dr Cole presents the red box data from OpenVAERS which Kirsch points out is worldwide data submitted to the American Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, but you can click on the red switch to view American-only data. There are over 800,000 worldwide reports to VAERS now including pericarditis and myocarditis. The numbers are under reported by a factor of about 40.

They discuss the problem with under-reporting and the inefficiency of the American VAERS system. 80% of the reports are completed by clinicians. They take 30 minutes to complete, with many technical issues on the site meaning they often take much longer. Kirsch states he knows a physician who had 2,000 reports she needed to make, but after submitting two she gave up. Ten years ago a system called ESP VAERS, which was very good, and able to find the under-reporting problem, was cancelled due to identifying safety issues with vaccines (going against the pharmaceutical industry agenda).

The CDC have not been able to find a causal link between the vaccine and excess death. Despite this:

The spike protein, the part of SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for damage in both Covid-19 disease, and vaccine injury, is “a very persistent protein”, and has been found in patients’ circulation up to 15 months after exposure. The protein does not act the same way in every individual and adverse reactions may not occur immediately after vaccination.

Those choosing, or being forced into vaccination, should be screened for pre-existing antibodies first. The risk of adverse reactions are much higher in those who have already been infected. The concept of “a shot in every arm” is immunologically dangerous. Even when you don’t have antibodies, early treatments are superior to vaccination. Data analysis shows that once children are being vaccinated, 117 will die for every 1 saved from Covid.

In the USA there are 28 million children aged 5-11yo. Their infection fatality rate is less than one per million, and an analysis of the 500 children who have died with Covid, all with one possible exception, had severe underlying conditions. For every child saved by vaccination, 5-10,000 children will suffer myocarditis. This is inflammation of the heart which is not a mild condition and leads to significant mortality. The risk of vaccination for children is far higher than any benefit, before even knowing what the long term consequences are going to be.

Kirsch states that this vaccine is 800 x more dangerous than smallpox vaccine, which was previously the most dangerous vaccine in human history.

Dr Cole discusses an article from Dr Fohse et al in the Netherlands who found that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine interferes with immune regulation. This leads to an increase in latent virus reactivation, and decreases the markers which help to keep cancer in check. Cole has spoken with oncologists across the USA who are “seeing common cancers that they’re able to manage taking off like wildfire, and they’ve never seen it at the level and rate”. He is working on a study to compare pre-pandemic and post-vaccination cancer rates.

Cole describes “original antigenic sin” as an immune state where the body only wants to recognise the spike protein, without recognising the rest of the virus. If you’ve been vaccinated and then get Covid, there are 29 proteins on the virus, of which the spike protein is only one. Natural immunity recognises all of the proteins, and T-cells also remember multiple lock-and-key patterns. By comparison, those who are vaccinated and then get infected, the nucleocapsid which surrounds the RNA inside the virus, the body doesn’t mount much of an immune response. These are the complex reasons that vaccines usually take 7 to 10 years to reach the market. None of the required data is available due to there being no long term science.

P53 is a protein which suppresses tumours. If it is dysregulated, cascades and pathways towards untoward results can take place. Dr Cole has looked at explanations for most of the pandemic deaths this year. There are three critical factors, being:
1. Vitamin D deficiency – required for maintenance of immune memory.
2. Antibodies acting against their own interferon (anti-interferon ABs), leading to an auto-immune response.
3. IgA deficiency – an antibody secreted in the mucous membranes at the entry site of the virus. Covid-recovered patients form IgA antibodies, which does not occur in the vaccinated.
There are three simple tests available in laboratories which could test for these three factors and determine which infected patients should be commenced on early treatment to prevent severe disease.

70% of Americans are Vitamin D insufficient or deficient. Studies show that a Vitamin D level above 50 reduces chance of infection by 50% and chance of severity of disease by 80%. This contributes to the seasonality of the virus and differences in locations and populations. “The darker your skin and the further north <in America> you live, the more Vitamin D you need”. Vitamin D synthesis can be increased by taking Magnesium supplements and “anything ending in “ate”: citrate, mallate, etc” (remembered by the saying “I ate Magnesium”). They talk in further detail about some of the science relating to this.

Phenomenally high numbers in post-vaccine-injured and Covid-19 patients show micro-clotting which is measured by a laboratory test called the D-Dimer. There are other laboratory indicators which are useful in assisting diagnosis, which Dr Cole discusses. If mandated to get a vaccine, baseline documentation of certain tests can be useful prior to vaccination should vaccine injury occur, for legal arguments as well as diagnostic reasons.

Cole also discusses the toxicity of the spike protein, which circulates through the body and hones to organs with ACE-2 receptors. He shows cross sections of body organs showing spike protein damage to blood vessels, the heart, liver, ovary. Buried in Pfizer clinical trial documentation is information that 16% of rats experienced a decrease in fertility following inoculation. We don’t know long term effects on human fertility but there is a plethora of information about women experiencing menstrual disorders following inoculation.

Bruce Patterson is a researcher focused on long haul Covid mechanisms, which are the same as the mechanisms of injury post-vaccination. Individual immune systems determine who responds in certain ways and who doesn’t.

A viewer asks for Dr Cole’s opinion on the Novavax vaccine, a more traditional protein-type vaccine. It remains in trial on humanity, as with all Covid-19 vaccines. It is a killed protein cultured in moth cells in the laboratory. Historically, it has not been possible to vaccinate against Coronaviruses due to their slow and constant mutational drift, being the same reason there is no vaccine against HIV.

In prior studies, they used dead protein as is being used with Novavax. However, when vaccinated animals were re-exposed to wild-type virus after vaccination, a hyper-immune reaction occurred, called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). “An antibody is forever. A good one is great, a bad one is not a good idea“.

Vaccinating against the Alpha variant means that when another strain, with different mutations on the spike protein, comes along, the antibodies against one spike protein bind but do not neutralise the protein. These antibodies then assist the virus in entering the cells, leading to worse disease, faster, with a high risk of death. This phenomenon occurred with Dengue vaccine in the Phillippines, where hundreds of thousands of children are primed for the rest of their life, with every Dengue virus season that comes along, for risk of more extreme disease.

Therefore, whilst it may be safer, Novavax comes with the same problems of original antigenic sin and ADE or vaccine-enhanced replication and infectivity.

A far better public health response than vaccination, is to follow an early treatment protocol.

Testing of people without symptoms is also a useless practice. Uttar Pradesh province in India, with 240 million people, is now seeing about 20 cases per day, which is attributed to their early treatment practices, which includes treatment of household contacts when a symptomatic case is diagnosed. Those infected and recovered, have broad, long-lasting, durable immunity, including against future variants.

Giving boosters to the naturally immune has no impact, except the risk of adverse events. The vaccines being administered today are against Alpha variant, which is no longer circulating and therefore they are not useful against emerging variants. As such the vaccine mandates are anti-science and violations of the US Constitution.

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