Party Members and Non-Party Members

There’s been suicide attempts purely because of the vaccine mandates in our group … The people have always held the power. Most of them just don’t know it yet. We think that our power comes from filling in a ballot paper once every four years. That’s not the case. Whenever enough people are not happy with what’s going on in parliament, they have the power to change that. And that’s exactly what’s happening now. Our numbers are only growing …“. ~ Jordan McDonald

Jordan McDonald is a young WA Police Officer who resigned in order to oppose the vaccine mandates as an external voice for other police and staff who cannot speak out. He gave this twenty minute interview discussing his experience about the mandates, demands to act as a strong arm of public health directions, and discriminatory practices being imposed in and by the police force.

“We’ve degenerated in the Northern Territory, and Australia, to a situation where we are now living in a society of rule by law [which] is a use of law as a tool for political repression … It can become an instrument of oppression and can give legitemacy to the enactment of laws which may grossly violate basic human rights … Further the manipulation, coercion, force and bullying tactics used in the forced standing down of good people and members in NT Police, Fire and Emergency services, medical practitioners, teachers and others in the public service is simply irrational, without thought, logic and common sense. At any other time and date, the actions of our executive and government would have been deemed unlawful and an abuse of office …”

Leith Phillips, Detective Sergeant in Criminal Investigation Branch of NT Police Force, in his resignation video, describing his opposition to the way in which police are being used across Australia to enforce so-called “public health” mandates.

DS Phillips’ management accused him of wrongdoing and are taking action against him, whilst his colleagues are standing up for him and say he “was one of the best police officers in Australia“.

Senior Sergeant John Thomson of the Queensland Police Force has opposed the vaccine mandate and gave this video statement about his reasons. Basically, none of what is happening, including the requirements of police to enforce ridiculous rules, makes any sense and the companies benefiting from mandating these chemicals onto the population have public criminal records. They are criminals, they have no liability, and the long term effects of their substances are unknown.

These officers join the growing number of departing police across Australia. Craig Backman (Vic), Krystle Mitchell (Vic), Roland Chrystal (NSW) and Alex Cooney (Qld) are other public examples. These officers are completely concealed from mainstream “news”. The only attention given to their valid and reasonable arguments is personal attack and character assassination, which has been, from the very beginning, the modus operandi against anyone daring to question mainstream narrative.

Stanley Plotkin, dubbed “godfather” of vaccinology, gave this interesting testimony in court in 2018, answering questions regarding the ethical issues and safety concerns related to vaccine manufacture. It’s been an interesting phenomenon to watch vaccines, a life saving scientific medical intervention, transform into a global cult leading to aggression against anyone daring to challenge or ask questions of those involved in their manufacture, at unprecedented profit and power. Testing vaccines on orphans, the intellectually disabled, and others referred to as “not contributing anything to society, such as children with handicaps” is surely not a research practice most people would support?

The annoyance shown by Plotkin during questioning was reminiscent of the annoyance shown by Bill Gates during his courtroom deposition in 1998 regarding Microsoft’s anti-trust violations.

Dr Thomas Binder presented to World Freedom Alliance on 2 December 2021, comparing narrative against science in regards to PCR testing epidemics, Swine Flu 2009, Event 201 in 2019 and finally the Covid-19 pandemic. He cuts a very different picture from the arrogance of Plotkin and Gates. An allegedly crazed cardiologist’s view on the prevailing corona nonsense narrative.

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