Two or Three Civil Disobediences A Day

Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and some of the social media companies, but also the intelligence agencies and elements of the military have been practicing these simulations, which are very strange. And they began around the year 2000, just before the Anthrax attacks in the United States. … You mentioned Event 201, which occurred in October of 2019, at a time when we now know the coronavirus was already in circulation in Wuhan. It began circulating, according to the most recent intelligence, around mid-September in Wuhan. That’s when there was an emergency in the Wuhan lab, and you started seeing hospital visits and a lot of chatter that the US intelligence agencies now believe was the beginning of the pandemic.

So coronavirus is already circulating and Bill Gates runs this simulation in New York City that … is teaching people how to control social media during a pandemic. Which is odd, because if you’re really preparing for a pandemic, why do you need to control social media? If somebody develops a protocol that saves lives, people will run to get that during a pandemic. You don’t need to order people around. You don’t need to stop people from talking. You don’t need to control speech.

You want to, in fact, have people talking about different ways to help each other. And yet it appears, if you look at that pandemic video and the people who were involved, which were CIA people, why are they involved in public health? Why are you calling for censorship in a public health crisis?

What we found, and what I detail in my book on Tony Fauci, is that beginning around 2000, there were over a dozen and probably as many as 20 of these simulations. And each one of them did the same thing. They simulated a very highly militarised response to a public health crisis and they used the pretext of a pandemic to impose totalitarian controls. To control freedom of speech, to impose essentially a police state.

So you ask yourself, now what is the purpose of these simulations? And if you look at the history of them, they were simulations that were simulating all of the kind of psychological warfare techniques that have been developed by our intelligence agencies in the United States. MK Ultra, Operation Artichoke and many, many others, about how to control populations. How do you go into an indigenous society, shatter the economy, isolate people, demoralise, destroy, obliterate institutions, demoralise the society, close churches, close all the centres that people gather, put masks on people to stop them from communicating with each other, and to inspire fear, to demonstrate control….

How do you do that? Shatter a society, and then come in and impose centralised control? Which is of course, what the CIA has been doing since its birth. Destroying these democratic societies, you know, where there were resources that we desired and then going in and gaining control of the political systems. But these simulations are simulating, how do you do that in the United States? How do you do it in Canada? How do you do it in Western Europe?

These are the words of Robert F Kennedy Junior, in one of many interviews he has given in the past 18 months. From a long line of US Democrats who have been fighting corruption for many decades (“my family have been in a 60 year battle with the CIA“), he is a Democrat party stalwart who is unafraid to call out corruption no matter which side of the political divide it occurs and no matter the power of those he speaks truth to. Noone could fairly accuse him of being part of some crazy right wing conspiracy theory. He is an environmental lawyer with resources to investigate issues thoroughly via a team of highly qualified researchers and the public platform to garner both credibility and attention to causes which matter.

He has a legal and scientific perspective that we all need to know and understand, and his mind works in a unique and powerful way in organising information, understanding it and then communicating it. He’s someone that we need to listen to right now. ~ Dr Patrick Gentempo

Fear is the enemy of our country, it’s the enemy of our values, and we should be very very suspicious of people who appear to be deliberately drumming up fear.

This is the battle we need to win“.

Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke here with Dr Patrick Gentempo for Covid Revealed.

They already have power and money. What more do they need? As new variants evolve, what is the point of constantly informing the public? SARS/Covid is enough. For example, Typhoid fever has multiple strains. There is Salmonella typhi, Salmonella paratyphi A, SP B. For non medical people all they know is typhoid fever. What is the point to announce more than that? The objective appears to be, scaring people.” ~ Anonymous but Wise

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