Criminal Control

Those who have lived under criminal control recognise it and understand it. Speaking to a friend in a third world country overnight, they had this to say about current times.

Yes, definitely travel is now too difficult for most. First they need ID Vax, now 3 shots, soon more. Second have to deposit money at port of entry, normally not small and individual countries make separate rules. Some will keep small part to pay for process and some through corruption. Third, need a PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of departure, then again on arrival and have to pay for them. If positive, even false positives must quarantine at least 7 days at personal expense. Followed by at least 2 more tests. If negative then you can enter. All services are reduced, so move around after arrival is now a high price.

It is complicated, spending for meaningless ideas. People will reduce their travel except when really important, or travel is paid for by their workplace, eg NGOs using public money to pay. When wealthy travel, do they have to follow any rules like this that they force to others? I think no.

Life of people around the world for nearly two years already is no freedom at all.

What solution? We don’t know. Because they planned it well, scaring people first then forcing false ideas to people about how to protect their life first, and need to ignore their freedom.

People around the world always discriminate against each other. First it was Western people to what they called Chinese (any Asian) and black and other ethnics. Second, scarey information made people discriminate between those wearing masks to those non-wearing masks, poor must find a way to protect themself. Third step now is from vaccinated people to unvaccinated. Fourth step will be between people with three shots to people with only two shots. It will go on.

The media fully succeed to make people stay distance. And most places around the world use strong weapons to dismiss anyone unvaccinated, not allow them to enter public places.

All these trouble came from fake pandemics.

It is the craziest time of the world made by human.

I watched YouTube, they are role playing how to treat people not wearing masks. At the beginning of fake pandemic, in India police even used sticks to beat people not wearing masks along the street. I was shocked.

This struggle time is ongoing for everyone and I believe it will not make anyone stronger, wiser or humble. It only makes people confused and scared.

The group of people who set up this problem with Covid, they are the worst, dangerous 1000 times more than evil.


Under Marxist ideology, the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages. Scaring millions in the cities into believing they were under threat of CIA bombing, they were able to empty Phnom Penh. People deserted their homes in the belief it was “for a few days” until safety could be guaranteed. Four years of slavery ensued, working on communal farms in the countryside and living under terror. Whole families died from execution, starvation, disease and overwork. Upon so-called “liberation” things got even worse before they began to improve in the early 2000s. Many Cambodians continue to this day, to live marginal lives without opportunity, prosperity, health or safety.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an epidemiologist who served as Ethiopia’s health and later foreign minister with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Marxist-Leninist liberation movement. He is accused of covering up cholera outbreaks in his home country resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. When Tedros announced in March 2020, that the way to respond to a respiratory virus was to “Test, Test, Test”, and the next day cars driven by perfectly healthy people queued at testing stations across the western world, nothing felt right.

It has not felt right since. It has not made sense since.

In the name of public health, actual public health has been dismantled. Why?

Is anything happening today under the guise of “public health” making us safe? Because in all honesty, I don’t feel safe.

WHO Guidelines 2019 : overturned and inverted. With what evidence?

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