As If By Magic

In 1972 a common cold outbreak, probably caused by a Coronavirus, occurred in the Antarctic amongst a group of people who had been isolated without external contact for seventeen weeks. The most obvious explanation was reactivation of latent virus.

In December 2021, despite “following all the rulz”, a Coronavirus outbreak (this time, probably the infamous common cold “Omicron”) has again hit the most isolated place on earth. Those affected (two thirds of a team of 25 people) were all “vaccinated”, quarantined for ten days prior to departure, and underwent repeat PCR tests prior to and after arrival on the Antarctic station.

T cell depletion following inoculation with Covid-19 so-called “vaccines”, alongside other physiological processes, is a phenomenon being increasingly investigated and reported by scientists. It is described by Dr Ryan Cole in a presentation delivered at the Covid Vaccine Forum in November 2021 (he starts around the 16 minute mark). T cells play a significant role in immunity against a range of infectious diseases, as well as being a part of our protective defences against non-infectious diseases such as cancer. Their depletion establishes an ideal environment for latent viruses to reactivate in the body of their host.

Other phenomena are also likely being observed, including antibody dependent enhancement of disease (ADE) and high viral loads/infectivity of vaccinated hosts after exposure (Marek’s). This could have been avoided had experts calling for scientific debate on the evidence around the pandemic response, been heard. Silencing and censorship benefited noone and has caused enormous harm.

Anyone would think that those who wrote pandemic preparedness plans up until early 2020, based on systematic reviews of evidence, actually knew what they were talking about? Instead, we now practice performative theatre based on demands from powerful non-experts with multi-billion dollar and power-related conflicts of interest. Which we call “safety”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is who-npi-recommendations.jpg
WHO Pandemic Preparedness Systematic Review, 2019.
The same should be asked of the so-called “diagnostic” tests.

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