Atrocities Hidden in Broad Daylight

Chapter One of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, outlines details of exceptional levels of corruption throughout medical academia and public health. Transcribed below are pages 24-30 (without the references included in the book), to give a tiny glimpse of Kennedy’s research into how this corruption has afflicted, and continues to afflict, the Covid-19 pandemic response.

The details below relate specifically to Hydroxychloroquine, a recognised effective early treatment against Covid-19. The book outlines equally corrupted responses from Dr Fauci and his team of venal officials with Big Pharma interests, relating to Ivermectin. Physicians such as the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, led by Dr Pierre Kory, and others such as Dr Peter McCullough and many at Americas Frontline Doctors, (as one example of many leading organisations cited by Kennedy), are fighting a behemoth. These are historic times and Kennedy chronicles events in a compelling, intelligent way with credible references throughout.

In any other instance, these revelations would be a monumental scandal. In “new world order” those daring to stand up and speak out are maligned and silenced. A practice which Kennedy discloses has been commonplace in the mafia-style world of Fauci and Gates for decades. This answers the mystery as to why the most renowned, ethical and uncompromised public health experts have been demeaned and sabotaged over the past two years, merely for performing work they are trained to do: advising on established, authentic and valid public health over oppressive fearmongering and pseudoscience.

Pharmacy’s War on HCQ (p.24)

The prospect of an existing therapeutic drug (with an expired patent) that could out-perform any vaccine in the war against COVID posed a momentous threat to the pharmaceutical cartel. Among the features pharma companies most detest is low cost, and HCQ is about $10 per course. Compare that to more than $3,000 per course for Dr Fauci’s beloved remdesivir.

No surprise, pharmaceutical interests launched their multinational preemptive crusade to restrict and discredit HCQ starting way back in January 2020, months before the WHO declared a pandemic and even longer before President Trump’s controversial March 19 endorsement. On January 13, when rumours of Wuhan flu COVID-19 began to circulate, the French government took the bizarre, inexplicable, unprecedented, and highly suspicious step of reassigning HCQ from an over-the-counter to a prescription medicine. Without citing any studies, French health officials quietly changed the status of HCQ to “List II poisonous substance” and banned its over-the-counter sales. This absolutely remarkable coincidence repeated itself a few weeks later when Canadian health officials did the exact same thing, quietly removing the drug from pharmacy shelves.

A physician from Zambia reported to Dr Harvey Risch that in some villages and cities, organised groups of buyers emptied drugstores of HCQ and then burned the medication in bonfires outside the towns. South Africa destroyed two tons of life-saving hydroxychloroquine in late 2020, supposedly due to violation of an import regulation. The US government in 2021 ordered the destruction of more than a thousand pounds of HCQ, because it was improperly imported. “The Feds are insisting that all of it be destroyed, and not be used to save a single life anywhere in the world”, said a lawyer seeking to resist the senseless order.

By March, front-line doctors around the world were spontaneously reporting miraculous results following early treatment with HCQ, and this prompted growing anxiety for Pharma. On March 13, a Michigan doctor and trader, Dr James Todaro, MD, retweeted his review of HCQ as an effective COVID treatment, including a link to a public Google doc. Google quietly scrubbed Dr Todaro’s memo. This was six days before the President endorsed HCQ. Google apparently didn’t want users to think Todaro’s message was missing; rather, the Big Tech platform wanted the public to believe that Todaro’s memo never even existed. Google has a long history of suppressing information that challenges vaccine industry profits. Google’s parent company Alphabet owns several vaccine companies, including Verily, as well as Vaccitech, a company banking on flu, prostate cancer, and COVID vaccines. Google has lucrative partnerships with all the large vaccine manufacturers, including a $715 million partnership with GlaxoSmithKline. Verily also owns a business that tests for COVID infection. Google was not the only social media platform to ban content that contradicts the official HCQ narrative. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, MailChimp, and virtually every other Big Tech platform began scrubbing information demonstrating HCQ’s efficacy, replacing it with industry propaganda generated by one of the Dr Fauci/Gates-controlled public health agencies: HHS, NIH and WHO. When President Trump later suggested that Dr Fauci was not being truthful about hydroxychloroquine, social media responded by removing his posts.

It was a March 2020 news conference where Dr Fauci launched his concerted attack on HCQ. Asked whether HCQ might be used as a prophylaxis for COVID, he shouted back: “The answer is No, and the evidence you’re talking about is anecdotal evidence”. His reliable allies at the New York Times then launched a campaign to defame Dr Raoult.

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, somebody very powerful wanted a medication that had been available over the counter for decades, and known to be effective against coronaviruses, to be suddenly but silently pulled from the shelves – from Canada to Zambia.

In March, at HHS’s request, several large pharmaceutical companies – Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi, and others – donated their inventory, a total of 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine and 2 million of chloroquine, to the Strategic National Stockpile, managed by BARDA, an agency under the DHHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. BARDA’s Director, Dr Rick Bright, later claimed the chloroquine drugs were deadly, and he needed to protect the American public from them. Bright colluded with FDA to restrict use of the donated pills to hospitalised patients. FDA publicised the authorisation using language that led most physicians to believe that prescribing the drug for any purpose was off-limits.

But at the beginning of June, based on clinical trials that intentionally gave unreasonably high doses to hospitalised patients and failed to start the drug until too late, FDA took the unprecedented step of revoking HCQ’s emergency authorisation, rendering that enormous stockpile of valuable pills off limits to Americans while conveniently indemnifying the pharmaceutical companies for their inventory losses by allowing them a tax break for the donations.

After widespread use of the drug for 65 years, without warning, FDA somehow felt the need to send out an alert on June 15, 2020 that HCQ is dangerous, and that it required a level of monitoring only available at hospitals. In a bit of twisted logic, Federal officials continued to encourage doctors to use the suddenly-dangerous drug without restriction for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme and malaria. Just not for COVID. With the encouragement of Dr Fauci and other HHS officials, many states simultaneously imposed restrictions on HCQ’s use.

The Fraudulent Industry Studies

Prior to COVID-19, not a single study had provided evidence against the use of HCQ based on safety concerns.

In response to the mounting tsunami that HCQ was safe and effective against COVID, Gates, Dr Fauci and their Pharma allies deployed an army of industry-linked researchers to gin up contrived evidence of its dangers.

By 2020, we shall see, Bill Gates exercised firm control over WHO and deployed the agency in his effort to discredit HCQ.

Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, and WHO financed a cadre of research mercenaries to concoct a series of nearly twenty studies – all employing fraudulent protocols deliberately designed to discredit HCQ as unsafe. Instead of using the standard treatment dose of 400mg/day, the 17 WHO studies administered a borderline lethal daily dose starting with 2,400mg on Day 1, and using 800mg/day thereafter. In a cynical, sinister and literally homicidal crusade against HCQ, a team of BMGF operatives played a key role in devising and pushing through the exceptionally high dosing. They made sure that UK government “Recovery” trials in 1,000 elderly patients in over a dozen British, Welsh, Irish and Scottish hospitals, and the U.N. “Solidarity” study of 3,500 patients in 400 hospitals in 35 countries, as well as additional sites in 13 countries (the “REMAP-COVID” trial), all used those unprecedented and dangerous doses. This was a brassy enterprise to “prove” chloroquine dangerous, and sure enough, it proved that elderly patients can die from deadly overdoses. “The purpose seemed, very clearly, to poison the patients and blame the deaths on HCQ”, says Dr Meryl Nass, a physician, medical historian, and biowarfare expert.

In each of these two trials, SOLIDARITY and RECOVERY, the hydroxychloroquine arm predictably had 10-20 percent more deaths than the control arm (the control arm being those patients lucky enough to receive standard supportive care).

The UK government and Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) jointly financed the Recovery Trial. The principal investigator (PI), Peter Horby, is a member of SAGE and is the chairman of NERVTAG, the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, both important committees that give the UK government advice on mitigating the pandemic. Horby’s willingness to risk death of patients given toxic doses of HCQ fueled his subsequent rise in the UK medical hierarchy. Horby received a parade of extraordinary promotions after he orchestrated the mass poisonings of senior citizens. Queen Elizabeth recently knighted him.

Gates’s fingerprints are all over this sanguinary project. Despite suspiciously missing pages, the published minutes of WHO’s part-secret March and April meetings show these medical alchemists establishing the lethal dosing of chloroquines (CQ and HCQ) for WHO’s Solidarity clinical trial. Only four participants attended the second WHO meeting to determine the dose of HCQ and CQ for the Solidarity trial. One was Scott Miller, the BMGF’s Senior Program Officer. The report admits that the Solidarity trial was using the highest dose of any recent trial.

The report acknowledges that, “The BMGF developed a model of chloroquine penetration into tissues for malaria”. BMGF’s unique dosing model for the studies deliberately overestimated the amount of HCQ necessary to achieve adequate lung tissue concentrations. The WHO report confesses that, “This model is however not validated”. Gates’s deadly deception allowed FDA to wrongly declare that HCQ would be ineffective at safe levels.

The minutes of that March 13, 2020 meeting suggest that BMGF knew the proper drug dosing and the need for early administration. Yet their same researchers then participated in deliberately providing a potentially lethal dose, failing to dose by weight, missing the early window during which treatment was known to be effective, and giving the drug to subjects who were already critically ill with comorbidities that made it more likely they would not tolerate the high dose. The Solidarity trial design also departed from standard protocols by collecting no safety data: only whether the patient died, or how many days they were hospitalised. Researchers collected no information on in-hospital complications. This strategy shielded the WHO from gathering information that could pin adverse reactions on the dose.

The report of WHO’s HCQ trial notes that WHO researches did not retain any consent forms from the elderly patients they were overdosing, as the law in most countries requires, and makes the bewildering claim that some patients signed consent forms “in retrospect” – a stunning procedure that is unethical on its face. The WHO’s researchers noted in their interim report on the trial, “Consent forms were signed and retained by the patients; [An extremely unorthodox and suspicious procedure that suggests that there may have been no formal consents] but noted for record that, consent was generally prospective, but could (where locally approved) be retrospective“. One wonders if researchers notified their families of the high dose they were giving to their elderly parents and grandparents in locked COVID wards to which they denied family members access.

The researchers evinced their guilty knowledge by concealing the research records of the doses they used in Solidarity when they filed their trial reports. They also omitted dosing numbers from the report of WHO’s meeting to determine the dose, and omitted details of dosing from the WHO’s Solidarity trial registration.

Another group of researchers using overdose concentrations of chloroquine published their study as a preprint in mid-April 2020 (and quickly brought to print) in the preeminent journal, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association). In this murder-for-hire scheme, Brazilian researchers used a dose of 1,200mg/day for up to ten days of CQ. According to a 2020 review of CQ and HCQ toxicity, “As little as 2-3g of chloroquine may be fatal in adult patients, though the most commonly reported lethal dose in adults is 3-4g”. Predictably, so many subjects died in the Brazilian high dose study (39 percent, 16 of 41 of the subjects who took this dose) that the researchers had to halt the study. The subjects’ mean age was only 55. Their medical records revealed EKG changes characteristic of CQ toxicity.

The WHO and UK trial coordinators must have known this information, but they made no efforts to stop their own overdose trials, nor to lower the doses.

Although Gates did not fund the JAMA study directly (it’s very possible he funded it indirectly through a nebulous list of funders), the senior and last author, Marcus Vinicius Guimaraes Lacerda, has been a Gates-funded researcher on numerous projects. Further, the BMGF has funded multiple projects at the same medical foundation where he and the first, or “lead” author, Borba, work in Manaus, Brazil. (Traditionally the first listed author is generally seen as the senior and accountable author).

Gates and his cabal used an arsenal of other deceptive gimmickry to assure that HCQ would appear not just deadly, but ineffective. Each of the studies that Gates funded failed to incorporate Zithromax and zinc – important components of HCQ protocols. All of the Fauci, Gates, WHO, Solidarity, Recovery and Remap-COVID studies administered HCQ at late stages of COVID infection, in contravention of the prevailing recommendations that deem HCQ effective only when doctors administer it early. Viewing this orchestrated sabotage with frustration, critics accused the Gates grantees of purposefully designing these studies, at best, to fail and, at worst, to murder. Brazilian prosecutors have accused the authors of the study of committing homicide by purposefully poisoning the elderly subjects in their study with high doses of chloroquine.

All through 2020, Bill Gates and Fauci lashed out against HCQ every chance they got. During the early stages of the pandemic in March, Bill Gates penned an op-ed in the Washington Post. Besides calling for a complete lockdown in every state, along with accelerated testing and vaccine development, Gates warned that: “Leaders can help by not stoking rumours or panic buying. Long before the drug hydroxychloroquine was approved as an emergency treatment for COVID-19, people started hoarding it, making it hard for lupus patients who need it to survive”.

This, of course, was a lie. The only ones hoarding HCQ were Dr Fauci and Rick Bright, who had padlocked 63 million doses in the Strategic National Stockpile – more than enough to supply virtually every gerontology-ward patient in America. Despite such efforts to create a shortage, none existed. HCQ is cheap, quick, and easy to manufacture, and since its patient is expired, dozens of manufacturers around the world can quickly ramp up production to meet escalating demand.

In July, Gates endorsed censorship of HCQ recommendations after a video touting its efficacy against coronavirus accumulated tens of millions of views. Gates called the video “outrageous” and praised Facebook and YouTube for hastily removing it. He nevertheless complained “You can’t find it directly on those services, but everybody’s sending the link around because it’s still out there on the internet”. This, Gates told Yahoo News, revealed a persistent shortcoming of the platforms. “Their ability to stop things before they become widespread, they probably should have improved that”, Gates scolded.

Asked by Bloomberg News in mid-August about how the Trump White House had promoted HCQ “despite its repeatedly being shown to be ineffective and, in fact, to cause heart problems in some patients”, Gates happily responded: “This is an age of science, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. In the test tube, hydroxychloroquine looked good. On the other hand, there are lots of good therapeutic drugs coming that are proven to work without the severe side effects”. Gates went on to promote Gilead’s remdesivir as the best alternative, despite its lacklustre track record compared to HCQ. He didn’t mention having a large stake in Gilead, which stood to make billions if Dr Fauci was able to run remdesivir through the regulatory traps.

Obsequious reporters consistently encouraged Gates to portray himself as an objective expert, and Gates used that interview to discredit HCQ, and also me. His Bloomberg questioner opened the door with a typical softball: “For years, people have said if anti-vaxxers had lived through a pandemic, the way their grandparents did, they’d think differently”. Gates replied: “The two times I’ve been to the White House [since 2016], I was told I had to go listen to anti-vaxxers like Robert Kennedy Jr. So, yes, it’s ironic that people are questioning vaccines and we’re actually having to say, “Oh my God, how else can you get out of a tragic pandemic?”.

If he had only asked me, I could have told him!


It remains an enduring mystery just which powerful figure(s) caused the world’s two most prestigious scientific journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), to publish overtly fraudulent studies from a non-existent database owned by a previously unknown company. Anthony Fauci and the vaccine cartel celebrated the Lancet and NEJM papers on May 22, 2020 as the final nail in hydroxychloroquine’s coffin.

Both studies in these respected publications relied on data from the Surgisphere Corporation, an obscure Illiniois-based “medical education” company that claimed to somehow control an extraordinary global database boasting access to medical information from 96,000 patients in more than 600 hospitals. Founded in 2008, this sketchy enterprise had eleven employees, including a middling science fiction writer and a porn star/events hostess. Surgisphere claimed to have analysed data from six continents and hundreds of hospitals that had treated patients with HCQ or CQ in real time. Someone persuaded the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine to publish two Surgisphere studies in separate articles on May 1 and May 22. Like the other Gates-supported studies, the Lancet article portrayed HCQ as ineffective and dangerous. The Lancet study said that the Surgisphere data proved that HCQ increased cardiac mortality in COVID-19 patients. Based on this study, the FDA withdrew its EUA recommendation on June 15, 2020, the WHO and UK suspended their hydroxychloroquine clinical trials on May 25. Each resumed briefly, then stopped for good in June declaring HCQ unhelpful. Three European nations immediately banned use of HCQ, and others followed within weeks.

That would normally have been the end of it, if not for the 200 independent scientists who quickly exposed the Lancet and NEJM studies as shockingly clumsy con jobs. The Surgisphere datasets that formed the foundation of the studies were so ridiculously erroneous that they could only have been a rank invention. To cite only one of many discrepancies, the number of reported deaths among patients taking hydroxychloroquine in one Australian hospital exceeded the total number of deaths for the entire country. An international brouhaha quickly revealed that the Surgisphere database did not exist, and soon enough, Surgisphere itself vanished from the internet. The University of Utah terminated the faculty appointment of one of the article’s authors, Amit Patel. Surgisphere’s founder, Sapan S. Desai, disappeared from his job at Chicago hospital.

Even the New York Times reported that “More than 100 scientists and clinicians have questioned the authenticity” of the database, as well as the study’s integrity. Despite the barrage of astonished criticism, the Lancet held firm for two weeks before relenting to the remonstrances. Finally, three of the four Lancet coauthors requested the paper be retracted. Both the Lancet and NEJM finally withdrew their studies in shame. Somebody at the very pinnacle of the medical cartel had twisted arms, kicked groins, and stoved in kneecaps to force these periodicals to abandon their policies, shred their ethics, and spend down their centuries of hard-won credibility in a desperate bid to torpedo HCQ. To date, neither the authors nor the journals have explained who induced them to coauthor and publish the most momentous fraud in the history of scientific publishing.

The headline of a comprehensive exposĂ© in The Guardian expressed the global shock among the scientific community at the rank corruption by scientific publishing’s most formidable pillars: “The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen?” The Guardian writers openly accused The Lancet of promoting fraud: “The sheer number and magnitude of the things that went wrong or missing are too enormous to attribute to mere incompetence”. The Guardian commented, “What’s incredible is that the editors of these esteemed journals still have a job – that is how utterly incredible the supposed data underlying the studies was”.

The capacity of their Pharma overlords to strong-arm the world’s top two medical journals, the NEJM and The Lancet, into condoning deadly research and to simultaneously publish blatantly fraudulent articles in the middle of a pandemic, attests to the cartel’s breathtaking power and ruthlessness. it is no longer controversial to acknowledge that drug makers rigorously control medical publishing and that The Lancet, NEJM and JAMA are utterly corrupted instruments of Pharma. The Lancet editor, Richard Horton, confirms “Journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry”. Dr Marcia Angell, who served as an NEJM editor for 20 years, says journals are “primarily a marketing machine”. Pharma, she says, has co-opted “every institution that might stand in its way”. (p.30)

4 thoughts on “Atrocities Hidden in Broad Daylight

    1. Every page is explosive. I am grateful to so many through this nightmare, but RFK Jr is probably the biggest hero of the story for me. A left leaning democrat from a highly credible family, with valid credentials and not afraid to stand up to the cartel, not afraid of being called “anti vaxx” or “conspiracy theorist”. He speaks truth to power without so much as a second thought and references every single claim he makes. It’s very hard for those bought-in to the mainstream/cartel lies, to diss him as a brainless Trumpite.


  1. FDA did the exact same thing to Inovio’s phase 3 trials of it’s covid DNA vaccine called INO-4800. Paused the trial from starting phase 3 for 14 months so BP could step ahead. The FDA only released the hold after Inovio moved it phase 3 trials overseas where the USA BP could not manipulate the results.


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