Pandemic Pied Pipers

In his testimony to the Corona Ausschuss, Robin Monotti argued that the word “pandemic” be replaced with the phrase “crimes against humanity”.

It would surely be impossible to watch the first half-hour of last week’s episode (Episode 249) of The Highwire, and not conclude that horrifying crimes against humanity have taken / are taking place. Equally, many informed and ethical people are putting up a strong and effective fight for justice.

In the same episode of The Highwire, Child Psychiatrist and author (The United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis), Dr Mark McDonald offers ideas for protecting our sanity during this time of dystopian reality:
About 80% of Los Angelinos are still wearing masks … I felt alone, isolated, there was noone around me thinking rationally. So I actively surrounded myself with like minded people. If you are rational, don’t isolate yourself … Find other people that are like you … In most places there are other people like you. Start to speak out, start to take a risk, and you will find people who are attracted to you because you are one of the sane ones. In the last 18 months I have come across many people like me because I have spoken up. I’ve lost people in my life, but they are not people I miss. Attract great people by being honest and sincere. It will inoculate you against the craziness “.

Left to Right: James Staley, Central Banker (Barclays and JP Morgan); Larry Summers (Economist, World Bank CEO); Jeffrey Epstein; Bill Gates; Boris Nikolic (“science advisor” to Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum award winner, Executor of Epstein’s estate and now working with Moderna co-founder Robert Langer to build a “medical record embedding vaccination information into the skin”).

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb answers many questions at her website Unlimited Hangout. One paragraph from her article Covid-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle:

Bancel spent the rest of his time at the Davos annual meeting “building partnerships, generating excitement, and securing funding,” which led to the Moderna collaboration agreement with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations—a project largely funded by Bill Gates. (Bancel and Moderna’s cozy relationship with the WEF, dating back to 2013, was discussed in Part I as were the Forum’s efforts, beginning well before COVID-19, to promote mRNA-based therapies as essential to the remaking of the health-care sector in the age of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution). At the 2020 annual meeting attended by Bancel and others it was noted that a major barrier to the widespread adoption of these and other related “health-care” technologies was “public distrust.” The panel where that issue was specifically discussed was entitled “When Humankind Overrides Evolution.””

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