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Dr Mark Trozzi, speaking from Ontario Canada: What Do You Do When The Government Tells You To Kill Yourself?

The government is imposing new lockdowns. Closures of businesses, closures of schools. More of the complete denial of human rights that have led to so much harm in the last couple of years. Masks that make us sick, highest suicide rates in a long time, childhood psychiatric disorders from not even being able to look at each other’s faces or play in the park or stimulate their immune systems.

They’ve imposed measures that completely go against healthy immunity; closing the parks, not letting children play with each other, not letting them be exposed to antigens, not letting their healthy immune systems develop.

And they did this all based on lies. From the beginning.

Covid had a 0.3% mortality rate. Omicron’s is much less. The Omicron variant, experts from around the world are reporting the same thing. Very mild disease in general. And if it’s serious, it’s serious in people who’ve been injected.

We know that the injections don’t work. They’re not safe. Not effective. They do not block transmission or infection. And actually they severely damage the immune systems of the injection victims. And they also stimulate the evolution of variants within the injection victims. Which are ultimately most dangerous for them, as opposed to the non-genetically modified people.

So while all these harmful things are done, for a disease that had a 0.3% mortality. That had a 0% risk of serious illness or death statistically in young people and children. Whose victims were predominantly VERY old and aged, who died.

While they’ve used PCR tests to keep people in a constant state of fear. False positives creating these huge case numbers. While they’ve mislabelled deaths so that people who died of all sorts of things, were labelled as dying of Covid. Meanwhile they’ve mismanaged things which put the vulnerable people, like people in nursing homes, actually at much more severe risk of disease.

Meanwhile, as in the past, and again now, in Ontario, they’re closing down elective surgeries. So more people will be denied treatments they need for other serious medical conditions. More people’s cancers will advance untreated. More people’s heart disease will advance untreated.

So as human rights have been completely violated, mandated against, people have been told that the vaccine, which is not a vaccine. That the injections that they call a vaccine is the solution. And that if you take the injection, you’ll get some of your freedom back. You have to take two injections. Well now it’s three. Well no, now it’s one every six months. To get your rights back. Maybe sometimes. For a little bit of the time, until we say that they’ve been suspended again.

We’ve known since last April, even from Pfizer’s own trials, which would surely not be biased against their favour? That in those trials, within 3 months, 3% of the people injected were dead. Another 20% had ongoing medical issues, and some of them permanent. And as we’ve predicted, as have other scientists predicted, this is just the beginning. These injections are predicted to cause many forms of harm for years after they’re given.

So the 3% mortality in Pfizer’s study is just in the first three months … 3% Mortality for an injection given repeatedly. For what? For a Coronavirus infection with a 0.3% mortality. So even on the surface, by Pfizer’s own admission, the injection, in 3 months, is ten times as deadly as infection would be …

[Re Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System in the USA:] In the year 2021, these Covid injections alone, caused more than twice the death associated with all vaccines for all diseases, for thirty years combined.

But it goes even further than this. Not only are they destroying the immune systems, and culture, and causing many harms while violating human rights, to force an injection with at least ten times the lethality of the Coronavirus they’re using as an excuse for all of this authoritarianism.

But to additionally force humans into these injections, they have suppressed treatment. They have suppressed safe, affordable treatment which does not render big profits to Big Pharma and the rest of the high level culprits in this scam.

These safe treatments, which we now refer to as multi-sequential drug therapies, involving simple medications with high safety profiles, like Aspirin and Ivermectin and anti-histamines. They’ve blocked and spread massive propaganda against Ivermectin. Calling it a horse worming medicine. Which it is also. Many medications have many purposes.

With these safe treatments, outpatient treatments, people need not suffer. People need not die.

These proper treatments reduce suffering and mortality by at least 85%. What that means is on the one hand you have forced injections with at least 3% mortality in three months, versus a disease that only had 0.3% mortality, and if treated with safe, affordable medications has a 0.045% mortality, or one in 2,200 …

What do you do when your government tells you to kill yourself?

What do you do when your government tells you to help insist that your neighbour kills himself?

What do we do if we’re told if you want to be part of society you have to take this injection? You can’t have treatment if you get Covid even though it’s safe and cheap. That if you have a business you have to demand other people show you papers that they’ve submitted to these injections to come into your business?

I think the answer is we don’t comply.

Say no. Enough is enough.

Whatever your job is, you have a higher job. Which is to be a good human being. And also to preserve yourself. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your friends.

Myself. As a doctor. I walked away from the complete institution. And my livelihood. To do the right thing. To be a real doctor. To tell the truth. To not participate in … really, mass killing of people. Could have made a lot of money doing it. In some ways it’d be very easy.

You know instead, like other good doctors, there’s many now. Dr Phillips, Dr Hoffe, Dr Christian, Dr Malthouse. There’s many. I find myself fighting against medical licencing bodies. Who in my opinion are guilty of violent crime. By them telling doctors you cannot exempt people from these injections. From them telling doctors you must not prescribe these treatments. They’re responsible.

They’re responsible for the deaths due to Covid. And they’re responsible for the deaths from these injections.

Whatever you are, whatever you do. Don’t help them kill you. Don’t follow their orders. It’s completely illegitemate at this point. As human beings we have a right to self defence, we have a right to survival. We have charter rights and freedoms. We have constitutions.

And these meat puppets, working for Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Fauci and others. They don’t have the powers that they’re assuming. We must not let them have this.

Don’t insist that people show you papers. If you’re a police officer, don’t enforce these tyrannical mandates. Your job is to protect and serve. And people, we have to do our research and we have to share the truth.

Everything I’m saying here is true. I’ve mapped this out very extensively. And you have access to all of that library.

Supporting references are in the video link.

Michael Leunig

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