Take Your Hands Off Our Children

Investigative journalist Liz Gunn interviewed Lynda Wharton on 17 January 2021 at FreeNZ. Lynda founded the Health Forum New Zealand for Covid-19 “vaccine” adverse reaction victims, which has reached a membership of 50,000 to date.

The parents are racked with guilt. These are just parents who have listened to the mainstream media. And the one o’clock updates. Safe and effective, safe and effective … Every single one of them said “we had no idea” … We don’t have an independent media in NZ. It takes outliers like yourself and myself, now branded “alt media”, to speak the truth. Because our media is funded by our government basically. Our tv stations, our NewsHubs, our Stuff.Co … They’re in the pocket of the government …“. ~ Lynda Wharton

NZ Health Forum assist people with making CARM reports (Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring); have started a Citizens Database for injuries; challenge ACC rulings; and assist with treatment. This includes separate teams of professional volunteers, including data analysts, medical and public health specialists, scientists, researchers, and lawyers. Alongside New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) the Health Forum are an excellent example of the many collaborations happening globally in response to the crushing attempt at centralising power and control, and blocking dissent.

This week New Zealand rolled out Covid-19 “vaccines” to the 5-11 year old age group. Soon enough, as with those 12 years and over, these children will find themselves mandated to show obedience papers wherever they go, should they wish to participate in society.

Everybody has been through a process of relentless terrorising for two years around Covid. New Zealanders that I speak to … they have no idea about the stats. They think if you catch Covid, you die, fullstop. You know, if you’re a healthy 20 year old if you catch Covid, that’s a death sentence …. That’s what people think … Look at the terrorising that everybody’s been exposed to. So parents believe their children will die, and parents will do everything to protect their children. So in many ways I’m surprised that [35%] of parents understand the bigger picture, that their children will be fine with Covid” ~ Lynda Wharton

Totalitarian governments control all mass media, allowing for a constant stream of pro-state, anti-opposition propaganda. Today this means serving a powerful, centralised Pharmaceutical Cartel agenda.

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