Child Protection Priorities

Link to the full letter at HART

We write to demand an immediate, urgent investigation to determine whether the Covid-19 vaccines are the cause of significant numbers of deaths seen recently in male children and young adults. 

We also request that anonymised data and information known to be available, showing how many children have died following a Covid-19 vaccine and within how many days, be published for full transparency, in the public interest.

On Thursday 13th January 2022, at a hearing in the High Court[1] in London, evidence was presented showing a significant increase in the number of young male deaths following roll out of the Covid-19 vaccinations compared with the prior five-year average between 2015 and 2019.  It is important to look at male deaths separately, given what is known about higher risks from myocarditis in young males.

Between 1st May to 24th December 2021 there were

  • 402 registered deaths in 15–19-year-old males, 65 more than the 337 five-year average; 
  • by contrast, 163 registered deaths in females, 12 less than the 175 five-year average; and
  • combining those, 565 deaths of males and females registered in total, 53 more than expected.

The Office for National Statistics has accepted that the increase in young male deaths is a statistically significant increase, with the mortality rate falling outside the expected confidence intervals from earlier years’ data.

Even more concerning is the fact that the actual number of deaths occurring of young males in this period is likely to be significantly higher than those registered.  This is because the ONS estimates that owing to delays in registration, on average registered deaths in the period account for only 62% of actual deaths occurring.  Any death where there was uncertainty about the cause will have been referred to the coroner and such deaths can take a long time to be registered. The fact that a signal is already evident in registered deaths is therefore a great concern.

Continued at the link.

You might almost think that criminals were running the show.

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