The Protests You Don’t Hear About

Earlier this week Professor Christian Perronne, infectious diseases specialist and vaccination policy advisor (turned “anti-vaxa” now, of course, because that’s a completely sane response to rational debate), spoke at the Luxembourg Parliament Hearing Committee on vaccinating children.

I am very honoured to come here today. First of all I would like to go over my professional experience, notably in presiding over the Commission on Infectious Diseases of the High Council on Public Health. I consulted various French governments for 15 years on the management of health emergencies and epidemics.

For years I was the President of the Technical Committee for Vaccination so I presided over French vaccination policy. So I’m not at all an “anti-vaxxer” as some people say. I am deeply convinced in the interest of vaccination.

And I have been Vice President for years, at the WHO Expert Group on Vaccination for the entire European region. This is much larger than the European Union because the WHO Euro zone encompasses Russia, all the central Asian republics, Turkey, Israel…

So there, that’s my experience of both epidemics and vaccination.

I have two main messages to tell you in this crisis. We have flouted science and we have flouted human rights.

So we flouted science because all the decisions of our politicians, based on experts who unfortunately – we now know; it’s public – have major conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry. When they take decisions on the sly, they provide zero scientific references.

Myself, I knew very well, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, President of the Scientific Council at Elysee, because I knew him when he was an intern in 1978. I called him a few weeks ago and told him “Listen, Jean-Francois, we don’t agree. But I would like for there to be a two-sided debate because you give plenty of opinions where we don’t know your sources”. And he refused the debate.

And that’s why I’m very comfortable, because I have fought in the French media for two years. I wrote two books, they have never been contested on a scientific basis. In my books there are tens of pages of proof. Everything I say is referenced. I have never changed my opinion in two years and noone has ever corrected me on any single claim. Even if the media everyday, call me a conspiracy theorist. This is the one word they have since they can’t find any arguments.

So. The lack of scientific evidence.

And then when there was so-called scientific proof, we saw fraud. Publications in the world’s greatest medical journals which were fraudulent. You remember Lancetgate, when they wanted to discredit Chloroquine? Lobbyists paid a team and a journal to release a fraudulent study. Which blocked [global use of Chloroquine as an early treatment option].

More recently in the British Medical Journal, Pfizergate showed that a part of the Pfizer studies – to obtain authorisation for their so-called “vaccine” – was fraudulent. French media never spoke about it except a small article in Le Figaro. That’s fairly scandalous. Whereas when the Lancetgate article was released, all media spoke about it.

Conflicts of interest are major. Whether they are with experts or media. This is public. It’s not “fake news”. It’s not me saying it. The French government, in addition to tens of millions of Euros they give to primary media each year, for two years has given €3 billion to media. €3 Billion.

So supposedly France’s coffers are empty. But we give €3 billion to media. That is a lot of hospitals we could build.

And then. These products that we call “vaccines”. I was considered for many years, a vaccine specialist in France, in Europe, and in the world. I believe the biggest scandal in this epidemic is that we have been made to believe that these are vaccines. They are not at all vaccines.

The proof now, is we know they don’t work. They don’t prevent contamination. They don’t prevent severe outcomes. Now the countries that are the most “vaccinated”, we can see that over 90% of intensive care patients are double and triple vaccinated.

It doesn’t prevent transmission. It is formal proof that these are not vaccines.

We need to stop this delirium of wanting to vaccinate for an illness which almost doesn’t kill anymore. Where are the deaths?

A lot of figures have been inflated, via PCR tests amplified above what is scientifically authorised – normally. We have inflated the epidemic’s figures. We have inflated the number of deaths. People who arrived at hospital for other things, if they have a positive test, we said they died of Covid when they died absolutely of something else.

And then what shocked me enormously, as a vaccine specialist, is that for a normal vaccine it takes 10 years for it to be authorised. When I see the scandal with pregnant women, normally it takes 10 years after definitive authorisation, of commercial use, for it to be authorised for a pregnant woman with enough hindsight. Now in a few months, it was authorised.

What shocks me is the absence of scientific studies on these decisions. When our government says it takes 3 doses, soon 4 doses, 5 doses, 6 doses, 7 doses – we don’t know – there is zero scientific data to support these decisions.

What shocks me greatly is the EMA – the European Medicines Agency – admitted last summer that they did not know the full composition of these “vaccines”. And despite that, they authorise it.

So what we now know, based on databases, is that the vaccines caused 36,000 deaths in Europe. 25,000 in the USA, including hundreds of athletes. According to oncologists in the USA there is an increase in deaths from cancer following vaccination.

I think the best example is that the countries which did not vaccinate, or which stopped vaccination, are the countries where the epidemic is over. That’s very strong. We can see the example of India.

And the last word is on rights. I would say that all of it is illegal, since as stated earlier, it is a conditional use authorisation. This can only be obtained if we have demonstrated that there are no effective treatments. We have hundreds of published studies. The example of India and other countries. Which show that there are effective treatments.

And especially, the most important is that we are still in Phase 3 experimentation, and that by international treaties, including the Nuremburg Code, it is totally forbidden to impose an obligation for an experimental product.

Everything is resting on the parliamentarians who vote for an obligation of an experimental product. They can be personally prosecuted in an international court for an extremely grave error. Endangering the lives of human beings.

Since we’re talking about children I will finish on this. There are children dying from the vaccine. And now we know that those who die from the vaccine are more numerous than those who die from Covid. Because there are practically zero deaths from Covid.

In my personal entourage I know a young girl of 17 years and a young girl of 20 years who died eight days after the vaccine, of a myocardial infarction. I’ve never seen in my career, a myocardial infarction at 20 years old. And the other, a pulmonary embolism.

I ask for a moratorium on these products that are not vaccines, were not evaluated in a correct way, for which we will have definitive evaluations in many years.

Thank you.


Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch legal philosopher who spoke on Fox News two days ago about the Vax Pass system in Europe, and the level of opposition being experienced there.

There is a massive movement going on in Europe now, of millions of people who are very much aware of what’s at stake here. These people are aware of the fact that our constitutional rights are being set aside without an end date. And we’re heading towards a new system, a tyrannical regime, of mass surveillance and control.

And this is not just a hunch. This is all part of a bigger plan. This is something actually that people who are watching right now, can go and look up. What’s very important for the American audience to know is that we’ve had this digital Covid pass in place in Europe. Which is basically like a QR code on your phone, that grants you access to everyday life. Like, to bars, restaurants, etc.

It’s completely bound to your vax status. And this is all part of a European project, issued by the European Commission, that is basically surrounded by this idea of the European digital identity. So this will not stay, just linked to your vaccination status. This will encompass taxes. Your medical records apart from your vaccination status. Your bank information.

So basically we already have a system in place right now, that is very close, or at least at the beginning process, of a social credit system. We are literally turning into China.

Interviewer: If this were linked to digital currency, and paper money is presumably on the way out, then the average person will be utterly controlled by the government. The government can just turn off your ability to buy anything? Your ability to go anywhere?

This agenda is supposed to be laid out by 2030 and that’s exactly what we’re heading towards. So you see all these people going out in the streets? It’s because they know that this is what’s going on. And I think it’s all going to be dependent on whether they will be able to roll this agenda out. On whether Austria is going to enforce compulsory mandatory vaccinations on a nationwide level.

So the parliament in Austria is debating about this, they’re voting on it, on Thursday. Which will mean that in Austria, from February onwards, vaccination for Covid will be mandatory for every citizen over the age of 18. If you don’t get vaccinated you will pay massive fines, up to €15,000 a year. Basically your existence as an unvaccinated person will become illegal. So everybody will have this digital Covid pass.

It would not be the first time in European history, that tyranny is born in Austria. So what will happen on Thursday in Austria is going to be a landmark case that will determine basically whether Europe is going to be part of the Free West for much longer.

And it looks like this law will pass. So it looks like we’re basically headed towards an end stage that literally is tyranny. And it’s absolutely crucial that we fight this now. We put pressure on our governments. And that we walk together for this fight of our freedom, of our future. Because I have to say, you in America, you might be next.

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