A Right To Speak

Viviane Fischer and Dr Reiner Fuellmich announce the pending grand jury trial of the Corona Ausschuss, based in Germany but represented by an international suite of cases involving many thousands of lawyers, expert witnesses and victims.

The number of qualified people speaking out now, and the collaborations which have formed, against the narrative on mandates, digital ID passports, harmful injections and pseudoscience, is colossal. Those who claim such people are “risking lives” and must therefore be silenced in favour of the “single source of truth”, may well be guilty of that which they accuse others.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has received at least 122 grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spanning the past 20 years, totalling well over $250 million in donations. BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity, has also received over $50 million from the Gates Foundation in the same timeframe.

Such funding establishes specific loyalties, which in turn can easily become conflicts of interest. So can a BBC documentary featuring one LSHTM expert as their reference source to dismiss the claims of independent scientists who do not share the same loyalties, really call itself an “investigative” report?

Oracle Films, in Ask the Experts and Ask the Experts II, fights for the right of qualified voices to speak, against a rising tide of what has become known as TheScienceTM. Freedom to speak and free exchange of ideas are both scientific and democratic. Today we are living through serious violations of science, unparalleled human rights abuses, and the obliteration of democracy. Public health processes and practices which always aim to protect human rights first and foremost, have been replaced with a military-style attack on innocent citizens everywhere. I do not comply. Neither do many millions who recognise the abuse.

Ask the Experts II : challenging conflicts of interest.

Canada’s 50,000-strong truck protest convoy arrived in Ottawa and have parked on Parliament Hill. In a remarkable coincidence, Prime Minister Trudeau has had to go into self-isolation. A similar convoy is now traveling towards Canberra, Australia and there are reports of similar protests building elsewhere.

Sergeant John Thompson, on the road with the Canberra truck convoy.

They’re really criticising science. Because I represent science” ~ Tony Fauci

Why were national pandemic plans, based on years of evidence analysis, discarded in lockstep across the globe by so many governments? Clue: it wasn’t because decades of accumulated research suddenly became defunct.

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