Outlaws Speaking Out

We are told that speaking out against a single truth is bad.The bravest speak out anyway.Why? Shane Chafin from Revolution Media in NZ addressed the issue of mainstream media lies at this video overnight. Mainstream journalists were told to leave Aucklands Domain by occupying protesters yesterday morning. A very similar occurrence happened across the world … More Outlaws Speaking Out

Magical Madness

Kristen Nagle was a neonatal intensive care nurse who lost her job for speaking out at an anti-lockdown rally. She has since been painted (of course) by mainstream media as a crazy anti-vaxxa. Unfazed, she is also a founding member of Canadian Frontline Nurses who promote medical freedom and ethics, and she is one of … More Magical Madness

A Worldwide Criminal Collaboration

The Corona Investigative Committee’s Grand Jury Trial has begun against “some of the perpetrators” engaged in a worldwide criminal collaboration. This is a court of public opinion in which we the people, review the evidence in order to reclaim our rights and freedoms. International attorneys and lawyers and many witnesses will present to the court, … More A Worldwide Criminal Collaboration

A Right To Speak

Viviane Fischer and Dr Reiner Fuellmich announce the pending grand jury trial of the Corona Ausschuss, based in Germany but represented by an international suite of cases involving many thousands of lawyers, expert witnesses and victims. The number of qualified people speaking out now, and the collaborations which have formed, against the narrative on mandates, … More A Right To Speak