Scholars of Humanity and Courage

The Childrens Health Defense Europe website has a range of useful resources which can assist in understanding current events. They sponsored this press conference on Sunday 23 January, which featured the following speakers.

Dr Mary Holland, Harvard and Columbia trained lawyer, of the Legal Advisory Committee at Childrens Health Defense, outlines the legal actions being taken by CHD in the USA. There are currently 40 active cases across 11 different states, covering state, federal and supreme courts. Challenges include Food and Drug Administration for malfeasance; cases regarding those injured by vaccines; challenges to medical, testing, mask, vaccine and passport mandates; cases about the wrongful rejection of mandate exemptions; suppression of effective early treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin; challenges to the undemocratic pandemic emergency measures; challenges against a law permitting children as young as 11yo to consent to any federally recommended vaccination, against their parents’ knowledge or consent, and concealing the information from their parents; censorship by social media; and defamation including Robert F Kennedy Jr, who has been defamed as a “Neo-Nazi and far right extremist“. Chapters around the world are active including Australia, South Africa and Europe, where litigation is also underway with the support of Childrens Health Defense.

Vera Sharav. Holocaust survivor. “The Holocaust would not have happened if people had spoken up and rejected what was going on … It was people’s apathy that was the cause of the Holocaust. And I’m trying to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Because just saying “never again” doesn’t mean very much if you’re silencing those who are trying to prevent it from happening … As Elie Wiesel said, ‘The worst crime was the silence’ … It can happen again and I am trying my utmost to alert people …“.

Catherine Austin-Fitts. Finance expert. “Under the guise of a health emergency we’re watching the central banks take over the treasuries and the finances of sovereign governments, and sovereignty of governments being imploded … If we allow not just the mandates, but the vaccine passports, or digital IDs, or any part of what is considered to be the financial transaction control grid go into place, the combination of those systems together will combine into a control grid that will turn our homes and cars into a digital concentration camp. We must say noI would strongly encourage anybody who doesn’t believe this, to go to and click on Cash Friday for a 56 second video of the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the Central Bank, explain that with the CBDC, they can make the rules, and they can enforce the rules. CentrallyWe cannot comply with the passports. We cannot comply with the mandates … This is the fight for freedom and liberty … Most of our wealth in the west comes from the benefits of freedom“.

Dr Nour de San, MD, Microbiologist and Immunologist with experience in vaccine research, and professional background working in the pharmaceutical industry. Questions the pharmacovigilance of the experimental products in use at the moment. Expresses deep concerns about using these vaccines on children. The clinical trials show no benefit to children and no data on long term safety.

Dr Renata Holzeisen, Doctor of Law and Economist. Working on cases to fight mandatory vaccination. In Italy now, “the unvaccinated” are excluded from public transport, workplaces and social life. The International Criminal Court are receiving legal submissions for crimes against humanity. They observe that many judges are not applying laws appropriately and are clearly affected by the high levels of fear propaganda.

Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude. Geneticist and pathology expert in spike protein science. Talks about the increasing lack of trust in science. The vaccinated will eventually become the unvaccinated, and we will all be one. Stay hopeful.

Professor Christian Perronne, infectious diseases specialist and vaccination policy advisor. Expresses thanks to the whistleblowers and “shame to the mainstream media. PM Emannuel Macron gave $1.5 billion to French media” to ensure “a single source of truth” shared to the general public. Mortality is very low now, but daily television reports continue fear mongering. It is the first time in history that a pandemic has attacked “only the rich countries”, all of whom persist with their vaccination programs, whilst in those countries who did not vaccinate, or stopped vaccinations, the epidemic is terminated. The experimental products are not vaccines at all. “Science is completely violated“. We have treatments which work, with hundreds of publications showing effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Suppression of these treatments has cost hundreds of thousands of deaths. It is a crime against humanity.

Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Austrian MD recently dismissed from her job for speaking out. Now a very outspoken leader of the movement of civil disobedience in Austria. She is also a member of the steering committee of the World Council for Health. “We sit here. January 22. And I want to say. History repeating itself“. She calls for an action plan from those of us who are aware of what is happening. The World Council for Health have hundreds of groups joining them, in ever-increasing numbers. She states that pathologists have now found vaccine-induced spike protein in the tissue of dead people “and we really have to get the message out“. In every country lawyers are speaking out and it’s important for those being discriminated against, to reach out for legal help. She reads out a line from the Hippocrattic Oath: “Even if I am being threatened, I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and the freedom of the people”.

Ivan Vilibor Sincic, MEP for Croatia. Today, compared to 1y – 18m ago, so many more people in science, medicine and politics are speaking out. What’s happening is wrong in so many ways: unscientific, undemocratic, and we must not allow it. We need to be determined and persistent. The Croatian establishment is extremely corrupt, and he states that European Parliament is also now, based on selection of those who are most obedient and willing to accept corruption.

Senta Depuydt, of Childrens Health Defense Europe, announces the release of the French version of RF Kennedy Junior’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Professor Perronne wrote a preface to this book which he states “will be useful for judges in history”, demonstrating evidence of organised crime by the pharmaceutical industry.

Doctor Astrid Stuckelberger, Professor of epidemic preparedness and public health scientist, researcher and teacher who has taught the International Health Regulations. She is also now an outspoken WHO whistleblower. She discusses the need for critical analysis amongst scientists, lawyers and the general public. “There is no justification for what’s going on. There is no mortality in 2020 that is superior to other years. Professor Ioannidis, the most cited epidemiologist in the world, has said this, as do many others … Science is based on the replication of knowledge and evidence. International Health Regulations had no right to say that there is a public health emergency of international concern … There is no emergency law that is justified because there is no unusual mortality or disease. This is very very difficult to make people understand … This experimental research could never, ever have taken place and been validated by the Ethics Review Board of WHO … It was financed directly by the people selling [the product] “. They have now reduced the age of consent to 12yo and removed the right of people to choose freely and not be discriminated against. There is now evidence of high mortality and secondary effects of these experimental products, and they should be withdrawn. There is no transparent science to the products which need more investigation. It is important that we say no to these products, particularly children and pregnant women.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the Corona Ausschuss gives a message of hope which requires us all to step up to the plate and stop complying. “They are not our governments and our politicians anymore. They have been served to us via ‘the Davos Clique’, mostly through its Young Global Leaders Program“. The mainstream media are now also owned by the Davos Clique. We cannot trust anything that politicians or mainstream media tell us about this pandemic. The panic mongering was designed by psychologists and psychiatrists and the means through which they convey their propaganda to us is through politicians and media. We can now see through all this. Covid is no more dangerous than the common flu, but what is extremely dangerous, is the shots which they call “vaccinations”. These crimes against humanity must – and will be – stopped. By we, the people, who will disconnect from this dangerous and criminal system. It is happening already. The criminal proceedings about to commence will help ensure that this happens.

Viviane Fischer, Economist and Lawyer with the Corona Ausschuss. In this social and genetic experiment, “we are all Indians“, as described by Michael Swinwood in Canada, regards atrocities committed against First Nations people, including sometimes with a medical agenda. The more exposure to these products that people accept, the more health risks they face. People are now very desperate, and don’t want to take the third shot, but they are now being accused of being “corona deniers” and anti-vaxxa. Doctors are discouraged from helping the injured, so the Corona Ausschuss are establishing processes to assist. “We see right now. The shots are really Russian Roulette … A woman with a lot of really weird and horrible side effects, she had the same batch as someone in Denmark who … will die soon unless we find a miracle to help her … I really have a hard time understanding or even imagining, what kind of mind a person must have, who is involved in this kind of activity… We must stop it, expose it, and start investigating …

Dr Fuellmich describes that “we don’t have any time to go slow. Report the whole story … We have to know the whole truth, no matter how scarey it is … We are going to get these people, but we are going to have to stop them first … We shouldn’t even waste our energy on those 30% who are hypnotised … We should try to encourage our own people, those 40% who are with us, who have been asking questions from the start. And the other 30% who are sitting on the fence … We have to give them the full picture. It is difficult. We know that because we have been working on this criminal proceeding … and debating whether or not to even talk about genocide. But that is ultimately what we have to talk about … Nobody is denying that there’s a virus out there, but it’s no more dangerous than the common flu … If it’s not about health, what is it about? They are trying to distract our attention away from what they’ve been doing through the highly criminal financial mafia … They’ve been looting and plundering our public coffers … We are going to get it back from them … They are purposely destroying our economy so that the [large corporations] can take over. The people who are dying and seriously injured from the shots, this is not accidental“.

Justyna Walker, protest coordinator with Europeans United, speaks about the protests, the reason to protest, and the growing protest movement. “You cannot comply your way out of tyranny“.

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