State Control Satire

Approximately the same time as this tweet, which reads like a script shared with other governments, what looked and sounded like hundreds of people performed a haka in front of parliament.

The sprinklers stayed on all night into Saturday morning at parliament grounds, a total of 16 hours, apparently under order of Speaker of the House, a guy called Mallard. On Saturday night there are reports that loud music and Covid advertisements will blast from speakers over the protesters. What kind of democratic leader would respond in this way to peaceful protest? Mainstream media have been filmed reporting from the balcony of the Beehive, aka State Propaganda.

Some white supremacists playing with some mallards.

Once the ground had dried sufficiently, protesters filled in the trenches they had dug to divert the water. Straw was also laid down to cover the mud.

A resourceful dissident found some interesting history on a couple of State Controllers, including Mallard.

Australians have converged on Canberra.

No Vax Pass required by the hundreds of thousands at Canberra’s 12 February festival protest!

What are the reasons that this pandemic has been so strange across nations, requiring the destruction of democracy in the name of “safety”? The Global Leaders of Tomorrow Program appears to offer an explanation. But apparently that’s just a conspiracy theory for people who are “sucked in”?

It is being reported that on Saturday 12 February 2022, dozens of New Zealand police officers resigned. This is why:

“They’re saying the protesters have built more houses on the front lawn of the Beehive in a few days, than the government has built in five years”.

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