A World United

$9 Million was donated via Go Fund Me to the Canadian Trucking Freedom Convoy. Under political pressure, Go Fund Me decided to block release of the funds. They initially claimed they would donate it all to various charities of their own choosing. Eventually, after enough protest, they returned the money to donors, losing their 3% commission.

This has been touted as an example of the financial control which lies ahead should the planned Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) system be implemented with your approval. The story is covered well by Kim Iversen and Jeremy Loffredo here.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg looks like a haunted man. I can’t imagine what he has experienced since 2009 when he first stood up to the medical-industrial complex. He seems to understand the terror that others are only now awakening to. In this interview filmed by OVALMedia he describes his experiences fighting the pandemic scriptwriters.

Many more doctors now stand with him in this fight. The Public Scientific Forum in Ottawa on February 11 offered health officials a chance to debate with independent public health experts speaking out against the government approach. No response was received, officials are now blocking emails and legacy media ignored the event. Nevertheless the forum took place.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich often states that the elite globalist class now running the show, who have been looting our coffers for decades and now planning the CBDC social credit system, are a small clique of only around 3,000 to 10,000 people. This list of Davos attendees in 2020, “from Goldman Sachs bankers to United Nations bureaucrats”, suggests his estimate might be fairly close. The number of media representatives involved is interesting.

Not only are other doctors waking up now: it’s a growing global movement. Even mainstream media representatives are blowing the whistle. “When things like this happen it is up to the news to report both sides … The most misinformation that has ever been spread in the past two years, has come from mainstream media. We have spread so much misinformation that I’m heartbroken!“. ~ Anita Krishna speaking at a rally in Vancouver, 5 February 2022.

Often seen at freedom rallies in New Zealand, journalism graduate Carmina Blewett speaks here with Liz Gunn on her experiences in Broadcasting school and working at Radio New Zealand as an intern. “My perception of RNZ was quite serious and that there were strict standards. But then once I got there, and … the propaganda was coming for us with the vaccine rollout and following the singular narrative in health and public interest. That’s when I started waking up and I started really wondering, where’s this going with the quality of questioning and the ability and the freedom to ask these questions and dig further? A couple of things I noticed was when we were starting to know about these adverse reactions with the vaccines, for example, there were people who knew other people and family members who started having these adverse reactions. And they were genuinely questioning of why that was going on … But why these things weren’t reported in the end, was the feeling of ‘but we can’t go against the public health narrative’. And eventually more and more every week, I would hear reference to ‘oh not those loopy anti-vax people again’ … It really was <frightening>. If that had not happened though, I don’t think I would have woken up to this new level of looking beyond the press releases“.

The Davos Clique, in their own growing movement of increased anxiety, are pushing a scripted line of anyone questioning their narrative being a fringe minority of racist extremists. I’m not sure who, if anyone, is buying it.

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