Hundreds and Thousands

Thousands of young Australians and New Zealanders went along with the Covid-19 vaccine program so that they could attend summer music festivals. Those festivals required a vax-pass for entry. They were cancelled in the name of Covid.

The problem has been temporarily solved by anti-mandate protests which have turned into some of the biggest and best festivals ever seen. On the grounds of our parliaments.

Whilst state propaganda continue to claim that the protests have been hijacked by mysteriously nefarious unknown people committing all manner of anonymous crimes in the name of “right wing racist mysoginy”, livestreams show something else entirely.

The only talk on any of the livestreams filmed in New Zealand by independent media who mix freely amongst the crowds has been of peace, of contributing to the kaupapa, of smiling, of embracing the police “who are falling in love with us”, and of standing up for what is right, fair and democratic. Music, dance, love and friendship have been the only themes from any journalists sharing footage of protesters from within the freedom camps.

Mainstream propaganda have almost exclusively broadcast their smear campaigns from the balconies of parliament buildings. The few who have dared to venture out into the crowds have only shared messages of fair and peace loving citizens, occasionally suggesting it was a frightening experience “because most of them are unvaccinated”.

The only positive “Covid” test from any of this human connection was announced today as being someone with a positive test during “Rapid Antigen Test training” inside Parliament. In other words, a media representative or parliamentarian who turned up for work, vaccinated and entirely unaware that they were “sick”.

Journalism seems like a burgeoning new field, as many talented people have taken their amateur equipment to the streets in order to provide news which state media have made clear they are not paid to, and will not, cover.

There are so many independent news sources now, that it’s difficult to know who to share. Probably the following Letter to the Government shared by New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science.

I am unsure if this is the same Adam Jackson who describes his experience in this video as being a sniper team commander, in the military for 12 years, who has trained sniper teams around the world. He has worked with the Deputy Director of Public Health, MOH, for three years, on different military health programs; has written health policy for NZDF, an organisation of 10,000 people. He has worked on various health performance programs, and on cultural development with large groups. He has worked with teams of military psycholgoists, doctors, social workers and padres, on heath policies. He has delivered his work to two international symposiums. He has delivered training to every NATO Head of Sniper Capability, and worked with athletes, taking them to world champ qualifiers, and he currently works with an ex-world champ. He has pretty much worked in every applicable area of human manipulation including a Canadian PsyOps Team and operations in field surveillance teams with human intelligence.

He was present at the Parliament protests on Thursday and describes the experience.

… I was attending the protest and the protest had just finished singing the National Anthem. Extremely peaceful. Extremely loving.

I observed on the parliament building, they started bringing out these speakers. I thought oh maybe someone’s going to address the crowd? And then they started blasting irritating repetitive music at the crowd.

What hit me when this frequency hit my ear. It took me straight back to a memory that I had and what they are doing, is using enhanced interrogation tactics designed to break down the mind of the protesters. This is using a weapon against its own population. Our government is attacking its own people. If we accept this North Korean kind of behaviour into our country, there is no justification for this. None.

… This is not childish. This is nasty … Everybody needs to ask themselves now. Do we accept this kind of treatment of our own people? I’d like to speak directly to the brigade commander of our army. I remember you gave me a book once. In that book was some very powerful messages. The one I want to send is ‘the opposite of fear is love’. I’ve seen your heart and I know that you are a good man.

Your people need you. People need to start stepping up, standing up. They need permission to do that. I’m not asking for extreme action. Just ask questions. Allow people to speak. Allow people to question. Stop censoring people. Take away the shame.

To the people in NZ. We really need to ask ourselves: Is this okay?

I know this is hard to face. But this is happening. Until I went there and I saw that, I held onto some form of hope that maybe. Maybe this was all misled. That was a clear demonstration of behaviour. And. It broke my heart. How they accept treating other people. They’re using a highly effective psychological weapon on our own people …

Adam attended Parliament again today, where he appears with one of his young children and addresses the crowd. He reads out a letter which he states was “agonised over” by the collaboration who wrote it.

This is a letter that represents the majority view of the people here, and the different associations involved …

To the “honorable” Members of Parliament

Today marks one week since tens of thousands of New Zealanders from all walks of life, ages, and ethnicities, joined together in a peaceful protest. Those present at parliament have travelled from all over the country to support the protest. They have been supported in many different ways by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis.

They are united in condemning the government’s flagrant breach of human rights, deliberate divisiveness and discrimination. The constant law changes are inconsistent with the government’s duties to the New Zealanders it was elected to represent.

The protest is a result of immense frustration and concern. People are outraged by the conduct of government and its lack of respect, dismissive attitude and unwillingness to engage (Come and talk to us for goodness sake, that’s all we ask!).

The people have travelled from all corners of the country to remind MPs of their duties as elected representatives. It is time for the govenrment to listen. It is time for our government to recognise the sovereign rights of New Zealanders.

This communication summarises the views of the majority of groups present at Parliament today. Those represented are:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science
  • The Outdoors and Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • Voices for Freedom

All agree that the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act and all the orders and mandates made under that legislation must be revoked immediately.

Those represented request an urgent meeting with senior cabinet ministers to open dialogue. The mandates are unnecessary and need to be lifted.

The infection fatality rate of Omicron is lower than the seasonal flu. Prior to the global pandemic it was considered “normal” for 500-700 New Zealanders to die each year from the seasonal flu. On average, 100 Kiwis die each day from various causes.

There needs to be perspective.

The traffic light system, the no-jab-no-job laws and other mandates are discriminatory, not warranted and a breach of fundamental human rights.

New Zealanders, our friends and media from around the world watched in horror, the deplorable and unlawful police conduct towards peaceful protesters including women and children. I was eye witness and first hand witness to this.

This abhorrent and bullying conduct was instigated and perpetrated by the Speaker, Trevor Mallard. Shame on you!

Psychological warfare on men, women and children is not acceptable conduct.

Our united request is to reinstate the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance, and good faith.

Participants are determined to maintain their presence until the mandates end.

This letter has been sent to all Members of Parliament and News Media. We await your urgent response.

Unite in peace New Zealand. Until it’s over.

White supremacist mysoginist with unacceptable views addresses police at Parliament, Wellington, NZ

2 thoughts on “Hundreds and Thousands

  1. ⬆️that⬆️ being said, my employer, (just today) dropped the mask mandate (once again) that has been (on again off again) where I work.
    The vaccine is only recommended and NOT a requirement for employment.


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