The Safety of Freedom

Finance and political commentators such as Catherine Austin-Fitts, Mads Palvig, Ernst Wolff and many others have been warning constantly for almost two years that this totalitarian control is ultimately the aim. Why would they be silenced if it were untrue? Why do we need vaccine passports connected to a digital ID to attend basic services? For vaccines that do not prevent transmission?

UK journalist Laura Dodsworth: Trudeau’s latest power-crazed moveIf you support Trudeau’s action, you might as well support setting up a Chinese-style social credit system”. Personally, I’ve been shocked at how many who have lived in free and democratic society, do support these measures for the future of their own children. It is our freedoms which have made us wealthier, healthier and safer.

NSW have admitted their Covid hospitalisation criteria has counted non-Covid admissions for almost two years. They are reducing the error but not removing it entirely.

Mark Nicholls, New Zealand retired army sergeant, calling to fellow veterans to meet him in Wellington. “Our Bill of Rights trampled into the mud. Families torn apart. People losing their jobs through illegal mandates. People not able to visit their families in rest homes, who died without them. Families that are divided. Kiwis being asked to dob each other in …“. If you can’t travel to parliament, contact your Members of Parliament and register your protest.

Brian Peckford, ex-Premier of Newfoundland, is the only living signer of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is attending rallies and teaching Canadians their democratic rights. After a recent speech at a protest, he was presented with a piece of the Berlin Wall. “We’re here to bring down this invisible Berlin Wall, that is threatening our children and our democracy and our future“.

Robert F Kennedy Jr wrote about the planned shutdown of opinions in this March 2021 article : Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA. A very interesting way to address pandemics: silencing large swathes of human knowledge. Kennedy Jr is one of the best sources of information on this historic approach and the rehearsals leading to its rollout.

Often described as the most esteemed in her field, one of now many thousands of well informed and pandemic-relevant experts who have been aggressively silenced throughout this pandemic, is Professor Sunetra Gupta, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist at Oxford University. “I’m full of despair … the costs of lockdown were so evidently profound right from the start … [Professor] Carl Henegan and I were victims of some kind of peculiar propaganda campaign … where there was this concerted effort to discredit us, discredit our proposal … to try and protect vulnerable people … our efforts were completely misrepresented and maligned and we were the victims of a campaign. Clearly … It has been extremely damaging to me psychologically but also, more importantly, not having that debate is what’s left us now in this position. Which is terrifying.

The same powers are committed to censoring scientists, but also commentators with enormous popularity such as Joe Rogan. Dr Robert Malone spoke about the Joe Rogan phenomenon, with Tucker Carlson. Olympian gymnast Jennifer Sey wrote about her experience, surrendering a $1 million severance pay with Levi’s, resigning from her position as global brand president in order to maintain her freedom of speech. Yesterday I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free.

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