Scattered Sources of Truth

As New Zealand politicians and state media continue to push claims that the freedom protest on the grounds of parliament is full of fascism, squalor and aggression, on-the-ground independent media continue to provide evidence to the contrary.

Liz Gunn interviewed Dr Guy Hatchard yesterday at FreeNZ, discussing errors in the “single source of truth” imposed on New Zealanders about Covid-19. Anyone challenging government “truth” is smeared as “right wing conspiracy theorists”. It’s almost as though a script was written, intending to suppress all other than a predetermined narrative.

Newsroom looks extremely scared at the moment … They’re doing very false reporting on the Wellington protesters. Trying to paint them as far from the truth. The truth is, it’s Mum and Dad, it’s middle New Zealand … it’s all Kiwis who care about freedom and about no mandate, no segregation, simply coming together. And a lot of love and gentleness. And cleanliness, I might add. Protesting on those lawns. Newsroom is really trying to run them down“. ~ Liz Gunn

New Zealanders have access to too many social media platforms. This is seen as one of the problems. One of the themes of this <government> paper, is they use a lot of sophisticated computer techniques to analyse what New Zealanders are doing on social media platforms. One of the conclusions is that there should be more control of social media access … Social media is actually just people talking to one another. People have always talked to one another… To think this process should be restricted is a move towards a sort of hermit kingdom” ~ Dr Guy Hatchard

Why would a New Zealand government develop such notions about free speech amongst their own citizens? Could this offer an explanation? Combined with this possible explanation?

Meanwhile independent sources flourish.

Chantelle Baker Live on Facebook, where her first two interviews at the Beehive last night were with unemployed nurses. “We are all here united in love and peaceIt’s like a big family“.

Revolution Media provide short video clips like this from the protest, giving a voice to everyday New Zealanders.

Adam responding to attempts to discredit the protest.

Can’t get a haircut? Hit the Beehive!

The South Island are also putting up a freedom fight. (Video removed as a South Island protester confirmed on 26 February that the footage was from an overseas location, and not in NZ as implied).

Ben Fordham is a radio host on Australia’s 2GB. Using the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data, he sums up the state of play in Australia with logic.

We’ve done our best to call for calm during the pandemic and we’ve also been warning about how this has been over-hyped. We’ve been urging our political leaders to stop ignoring the hidden consequences of lockdowns. Because in a bid to keep us safe … people were suffering in other ways.

We’ve been giving you a regular dose of perspective. We know Covid-19 is serious. But it doesn’t warrant the fear campaign that we’ve been seeing. Today we have further proof. This isn’t opinion. It is certified data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. And if you miss it … it’s up on right now, so you can access it straight away…

Before we go through it I want to be clear. Every death is tragic. We are not disrespecting anyone. But we know that death is a part of life. So … these are the latest numbers from ABS.

From March 2020 until the end of last month, 273,901 Australians died. Each case very sad. For loved ones, family members, friends.

So how many had coronavirus? 0.9% of those fatalities involved coronavirus. That’s 2,639 Covid related deaths. In the same period, 100,000 Australians died of cancer. 32,000 died from heart disease, 30,000 with Alzheimers and Dementia, and 10,000 from Diabetes.

Coronavirus deaths represented less than 1% of fatalities. These are the latest numbers released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The median age of those who died with coronavirus? 81 Years of age for men; 86yo for women. Both are above our national life expectancy.

Again let me be clear … we are not playing down the situation, we are not ignoring the grief for families. But these records expose the overblown scare campaign we have witnessed.

Of the 2,639 coronavirus deaths between March 2020 and last month, 92% had other underlying health issues. An average of roughly 3 diseases or conditions per person. Ranging from pneumonia to kidney infection, right up to the biggest risk factor, which is the health of our heart.

30% of those people had a chronic heart issue. 20% had diabetes. But in 92% of our Covid related deaths to January 31, each patient had roughly three other underlying health conditions. In other words it wasn’t just Covid claiming their lives. And deaths not involving Covid, make up more than 99% of the statistics.

One of the arguments we made last year involved a missed opportunity around the health advice. We asked the question, why aren’t we telling people how to get healthy? Why aren’t we warning people that one of the biggest risk factors is carrying around too much weight?

The most important health advice would have been, the healthier you are, the greater your chances of surviving coronavirus.

There’s now compelling data supporting this. There’s a new study in The Lancet. It shows by far the biggest risk factor of Covid-19 is obesity … The US has the heaviest body mass index in the world and they have nearly 1 million coronavirus deaths in America … The study in The Lancet says, if America’s obesity rates were on par with healthier nations, the death toll would be far lower.

We were hell bent on telling people to stay at home. When we should have been telling people to get outdoors and get healthy. And now the consequences are there for all to see.

… If you need any further evidence that it’s time to get on with our lives? You just heard it.

Dr David Bell, Public Health Physician/Scientist with Panda, asks:

The novel response to COVID, advocated by wealthy investor-philanthropists and corporations, has been extremely effective in ensuring the re-colonization through debt of low-income countries.

Whilst greatly enriching those driving it.

Was there intent?

Worldbank: The Inequality Pandemic

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