Counterspinning the Single Source

An NZDSOS doctor outlined the inconsistencies in Pfizer’s “safe and effective” messages pounded into New Zealanders for almost two years whilst a midwife spoke about the massive increase in foetal losses, placental damage and other extreme harms she is seeing since the “vaccine” rollout in New Zealand last year. Robert F Kennedy Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci” goes some way to explaining background to these horrific events. … More Counterspinning the Single Source

Complicated Collusions and Preposterous Pregnancy Promotions

Whilst opponents challenge Ursula von der Leyen in the European Parliament, maternal-foetal medicine specialist Dr Thorp refutes New Zealand’s Doctor Nikki Turner who has promoted experimental pharmaceutical products to pregnant women, offering to debate her in person. … More Complicated Collusions and Preposterous Pregnancy Promotions

Sold Down the River

Protestors at the Beehive in Wellington last night, filmed below. According to state propaganda they are violent. Independent journalists at the scene say otherwise. Chantelle Baker filmed footage of police aggression yesterday morning. She also addressed them directly, telling them that she knows what they know. That the mandates are nonsense. That a digital identity … More Sold Down the River