Big Hearts, Little Wins

Canada’s banks appear to have placed pressure on Trudeau who has back-pedalled on imposing the Emergencies Act. This would have given him extraordinary powers against disobedient citizens such as protesters. In the past few days record numbers of people reportedly closed bank accounts, transferred money to international accounts, and purchased precious metals in place of cash. This was in response to Trudeau freezing accounts of the “disobedient”. People appear to be waking up to the threat which is upon us.

This awesome documentary on the Freedom Convoy in Canada by Citizen Camera is a must-see. Unacceptable Views.

A Catholic priest from Christchurch addressed crowds at The Beehive in New Zealand two days ago. (More information about this order is available at NZ Catholic; Christchurch diocesan website; and a brief documentary on Sunday).

On the same day, the first mainstream journalist to enter Freedom Village at The Beehive conducted an actual journalistic report with protesters. She hardly seems threatened? Newsroom Melanie Reid: A Visit to Freedom Village.

The more people that know this around the world, the more people we can wake up to what’s actually going on“. Maria Zee interviewing Dr Reiner Fuellmich.

While police in Paris did this, in New Zealand a police procession accompanied a forklift of wooden crates to The Beehive. Perhaps they’re reacting to the TradeMe advertisement?

3 thoughts on “Big Hearts, Little Wins

    1. Hi Lin
      Nice to “hear” from you.
      As you can see, the video comes from Voices for Freedom. I’ve sent an email asking if someone can answer your question. You can also contact them directly to ask, via their website. It seems you think these people are impostors, and if so then it would be good to out them as such. The outfits do seem rather extreme. Will see if we can find out.


    2. Answers to your question provided via the following links from a parishioner:

      I asked about the nuns and was told:
      Yes, they are redemptorist nuns, the monks (priestly brothers) bring the sacraments to the nuns. I think the nuns have an active apostate (which means they are not confined to a cloister all the time) in which they teach – but in Christchurch they help the homeschooling parents to teach, specifically catechism but other subjects as well as needed.


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