Hope Springs Eternal

A number of advocacy groups (including Health Forum NZ, Voices for Freedom, Freedom and Rights Coalition) and individuals (including vaccine injured and some of the many thousands who have been mandated out of employment and careers) made submissions to New Zealand’s Human Rights Commissioner at a meeting on Tuesday 22 February. The Commissioner released Human Rights Commission listens to protesters afterwards.

Data analyst Dr Guy Hatchard published Response to Paul Hunt, Chief NZ Human Rights Commissioner on Wednesday.

Children at Camp Freedom.

Pepper spray or acid?

A midwife at Camp Freedom.

“Peace and Love” whilst breaching a barricade.

Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia reported on events at the Beehive on 21 February 2022.

The single source of truth model, as experienced by citizens of nations such as North Korea and China, and sanctioned by the NZ Prime Minister at the beginning of the pandemic, appears to be failing magnificently.

Hope springs eternal that truth, freedom and kindness can win again.

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