Darkness and Light

A black-cloth-masked mainstream reporter spoke from a parliamentary balcony last night about the horrific violence seen in Wellington yesterday. She scoffed about people using their own phones to take and share footage. The government haven’t accredited them to do that! She shared a sentiment with the Prime Minister, both sensing “foreign involvement” in the protest. I wonder what they mean?

A number of independent witnesses accused these two people of criminal acts during the chaos. The man, accused of violence, became threatening towards Chantelle Baker after the scarfe hiding his identity was pulled down from his face. Protesters claimed to have never seen either of them until yesterday, and requested the photographs shared far and wide to assist in identifying them.

PANDA’s internal weekly Open Science Sessions provide an opportunity for science, research and policy to be presented by various leading international experts in a variety of diverse fields. These sessions lead to fascinating open discussions and debate and allow our scientists to broaden their understanding and inspire new ideas. The latest Open Science meeting at Panda is publicly available here: Raising a new health care system out of the Covid ashes, presented by Dr Rob Verkerk.

Centers for Disease Control have finally recommended against universal contact tracing. Their updated guidelines move recommendations further towards focused protection of the vulnerable as so many have persistently advocated for. This renders QR Code tracking irrelevant. Will governments disband the systems put in place to track movements of whole populations?

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