Opinion Outrage

In early 2020 I researched two terms which were suddenly being spoken of a lot. At that time I used Google and YouTube as reliable sources, but have since learned that they belong to the information control grid (aka “Trusted News Initiative”). There were some really useful and recently published references on the difference between “misinformation” and “disinformation”. It largely seemed to relate to media sources, and presented a case for being very careful about what you choose to read or watch. Accredited sources were best. Otherwise you might get some wrong ideas.

As someone daring to hold an “unaccredited” view based on years of studying and working in the relevant field, I have reflected a lot on this and the bizarre situations arising as a result. Below are my personal thoughts on the matter. They stem from my own perspective and experience, representing my own truth rather than “the” truth; and they are unaccredited.

Misinformation is defined as a naiive error and disinformation a deliberate one. The emergence of these terms at this time in history also appears, in my opinion, to have been a big part of the psychological operation used in the global pandemic response practiced multiple times in the lead-up to 2020, most recently at Event 201 in New York in October 2019. Both terms appear to belong to the totalitarian ideology of a “single source of truth” requiring all dissent be shut down. We should not have access to multiple perspectives, as what we should think on an issue is pre-determined and accredited. This was a very large focus of Event 201 which claimed to be a pandemic preparedness operation, but which focused mainly on matters unrelated to health such as how to control dissent.

The resources which have been put into this dissent shutdown are in the many billions of dollars, and almost entirely stem from a centralised power base who own most of the media. They also use disinformation themselves, as a strategy to create confusion which assists in ensuring compliance to nonsensical rules.

Suddenly, two years ago, those advising a focus on protection of the vulnerable in matters of epidemic control were labelled “granny killers”. “Lockdown” was the only possible pandemic response and “not lockdown” was genocidal. Speaking of natural immunity was “tin foil hat” territory and again, meant you wanted to see carnage. Mentioning vaccine safety and efficacy was “anti-vaxxa” because vaccine manufacturers should not be questioned. Conspiracy theory accusations were hurled at anyone challenging or asking questions about PCR tests used as a diagnostic tool; preventive or early treatments; wearing masks; infection fatality rates; disease transmission via healthy people without symptoms; and many other elements which were already settled by “The Science” and marketed to us via accredited sources of truth.

Everything I’d learned and practiced for decades was turned overnight into an absurd ruse which had to be shut down for the safety of humanity. I was told that if I wanted to hold outrageous opinions then I should get used to being abused.

I have watched in horror as public health practitioners with far more knowledge and experience than me, have faced character assassinations and cancellation including job loss, instead of being engaged in debate and dialogue and their expertise being used in a time of need. The very first being Dr Wolfgang Wodarg who spoke out about the corruption he saw in 2009 connected to Swine Flu. In the past two years academics, practitioners and experts from across the globe have been publicly persecuted with hit pieces (often labelled as “fact checks”) attacking their credibility saving anyone from needing to consider what they had to say. Others have been deathly silent. Many contribute anonymously to groups such as Panda and HART in order to avoid attack, and protect reputations and careers.

A small core group hold forte with mainstream media to maintain “the single truth” in public opinion on pandemic matters. These are namely those who led the signing of the John Snow Memorandum (signatories <7,000), published 14 October 2020, following Dr Collin’s instruction below and proclaiming the necessity of global lockdown. The Great Barrington Declaration (signatories >920,000) was published ten days prior, promoting focused protection of the vulnerable against global lockdown. A number of John Snow proponents, eg anthropologist Devi Sridhar, BBC’s accredited go-to pandemic spokesperson, are World Economic Forum “Young Global Leaders”, and/or have other similarly powerful connections.

“Fringe” epidemiologists Professor Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford University), Professor Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University) and Professor Sunetra Gupta (Oxford University). Of course they’re fringe, Francis. We believe you.

After two years of horror, watching this play out and people I once respected falling for hit pieces rather than using critical thought on the actual issue, I now see the same phenomenon happening on other issues. For example, I am not informed about Ukraine-Russia but I see everyone supporting Ukraine now, and Russia being shut down by a diverse range of powerful institutions. Immediately this groupthink should raise questions. If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking!

How could Russia not be the evil one? Just look at what they’re doing! But are they really doing it? Are we being told the full story? Are we able to make up our own minds by accessing a range of information, or is what we think pre-determined and accredited yet again? Is it possible we’re being manipulated again? I know nothing about Ukraine-Russia but I have become attuned to recognising manipulated groupthink via powerful forces who own all forms of media, from search engines to the entertainment industry. And I do not believe those forces have good intent.

Then I see these players involved and immediately understand that there are serious manipulations at play which likely have absolutely nothing to do with any type of good.

The man walking behind Bill Gates is Jens Stoltenberg. Prime Minister of Norway in 2000-2001 and 2005-2013. Director of Gates funded Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) from 2002-2005. Secretary General of NATO since 2014. Seeking governorship of Norges Bank in December 2021. Vaccines, security and finance: what a coincidence.

Link to the page

Whatever the actual story is here, I suspect what we’re being told to believe in unison is not the truth. Why this manipulation is now moving in on Covid territory, remains a mystery. For now.

The exact same people responsible for the Covid horror show, are now making sure our opinions fall into line again. If what you think hasn’t been “accredited” by a centralised power base, do you still have a right to think it? Or is it misinformation which must be censored, smeared and terrorised into alignment or silence?

4 thoughts on “Opinion Outrage

  1. Very well said. I’m nit sure where this leads us going forward because it’s not just one batty country operating this way, but all of them. At least the so called “enlightened” first world one. I agree more about Ukraine as well. Something is really wrong in the collective response.

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  2. Being back in the US after living abroad for 11 years, I am disgusted by main stream ‘news’. I can’t even stand to have the television on at all anymore. The radio station NPR (National Public Radio) which I listened to years ago to get the ‘real news’ now disgusts me as well! They are seemingly following the same bullshit as the rest of them, as if the Nation and Public now are sheeple following the endless line of ignorance. Keep up the good work Helen!

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    1. Thanks Melinda. I’m glad you see it too.

      NPR receive millions in Gates funding so that’s why the “real news” now disgusts you.

      Your “sheeple” comment brought to mind a photograph I saw (can’t add it to this reply) of sheep in Cornwall, England, with the Ukrainian flag spray painted on the side of their body! Ironic much?!


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