Holding The Line in New Zealand

Police arrived at Camp Freedom in Wellington this morning with mainstream media close behind. MSM are apparently never at the site in the mornings, so were clearly tipped off that an operation was about to happen.

Live feeds available at the following links. This is a chance to watch unedited footage over government funded mainstream fiction.

Chantelle Baker Live

Independent View Live

Counterspin Media Live Feed

Chantelle Baker is one of the most responsible and trustworthy reporters I’ve ever seen. She reports via unemployed midwives at the protest that vaccinated, Covid-infected midwives are now attending work to care for mothers and babies. Their unvaccinated, uninfected peers are out of work. She also reports that multiple health services in Canterbury region are closed today due to staff shortages.

Yesterday at Camp Freedom she sat and interviewed a man in a wheelchair, previously employed in a health care role, paralysed after his second Pfizer dose. She has spent the last 21 days listening to people describe the destruction of their lives via mandates.

Screenshot from Chantelle Bakers feed. “Protesters who have been pepper sprayed, their property destroyed, told they’re second class citizens, continue to stand with their backs to the police“, showing peaceful resolve. “Don’t turn around! They’re spraying you!“, shouts a protester before “Peace and Love” begins to chant out from the crowd.

Chantelle: “The people laughing at this don’t understand Communism” before addressing police officers directly “There are 13,000 people watching this live, and that’s live alone. Last week we went out to a million people including overseas, including Joe Rogan he watches this! They’re going to see what you are doing! The people have their backs to you!You can’t say the protesters are the violent ones when they’re standing there, all with their backs to the police“.

Chantelle calls to the protesters from a high vantage point, what she is seeing. They’re all putting on goggles, it looks like they’re planning to use tear gas. Full riot police are arriving. They’re giving orders to the officers along the front. A tow truck is coming in, “I think they’re going to take the toilets“. “This is so dumb! Look what they’re doing! There’s helicopters overhead, there’s riot police, and the people are just standing here! Nothing’s going on! This is the dumbest thing!“.

She also rebuts mainstream reports, eg “the protesters don’t even have any pepper spray, it’s the police carrying pepper spray, so that’s a lie” and “there is no protester here with a pitchfork!“.

She then climbs a tree for a better vantage! “This lady is going around giving sausages to everyone. If this branch wasn’t here I’d be able to show you even more. My hands are all cut up“. You then see her climb across the camera view, swapping branches with another tree climber!

Just so you guys know, there’s midwives been camping on parliament grounds. There’s teachers. There’s doctors. There’s surgeons. They just want to be able to take their kids to swimming lessons“.

Her father Leighton Baker arrives and speaks to the camera with the following points: the Human Rights Commission have been asked to attend; we have the right to peaceful assembly, the right to peaceful protest, the right for our voices to be heard. From the start this has been a peaceful protest. There has been no violence from the protesters. You only hear calls for peace from the protesters.

One has to wonder what all the real criminals are up to whilst mass presence of police serves this political agenda against innocent citizens.

3 thoughts on “Holding The Line in New Zealand

  1. Not sure if you’re aware, but the Chantelle Baker video won’t play. I think FB is censoring, maybe. Too bad. Interesting post. Thanks. They did the exact same things in Canada with our freedom convoys. They all follow the same script, apparently. Police brutality on peaceful people. We better start fighting the real battle, from the humble position of “on our knees” before God!

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    1. I didn’t know but am not surprised. I also heard that my blog gets some sort of “warning” for some when they open it. Which just happened to me on FB with the Human Rights Advocacy Australia group.

      When this sort of censorship was reported as occurring in China and North Korea, people were full of how terrible. But now it’s for “our” protection, it seems to be a popular thing! Bizarre to say the least. Maybe inducing so much fear convinces people that they can’t trust their own ability to form an independent opinion?

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      1. Fear cripples people, for sure!

        The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso walketh in the fear of the LORD shall be safe.


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