Document Dumps

Pfizer and the US FDA initially tried to conceal their vaccine clinical trial data. As described in this article by Dr Michael Nevradakis, legal proceedings led to a court ruling that documents must be released on an ordered schedule.

Regular document dumps are being made available on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) website. They are mostly data sets intended for use by research analysts. However a variety of professionals are making summaries of their analyses available for public review. No mainstream media reports go near the story.

Steve Kirsch is an analyst and medical philanthropist, publishing information about the data at his Substack page. Yesterday he published 10 Things you should know about the new Pfizer documents. He also spoke about his experience, research findings and vaccine trial results at the Expert Panel Discussion on Covid-19 and Medical Freedom on Friday 4 March 2022. He’s clever, and a very entertaining speaker who doesn’t take himself too seriously. “The doctors aren’t allowed to talk about it because they’ll lose their licence or be fired, if they talk about it … This is the worst cover up in human history … If they really want to stop the misinformation spreaders like myself, there’s a very simple way to do that. Just come to the debate table and confront the evidence and let’s talk about it. But nobody wants to do that. Because they know that they are wrong and they will be exposed “.

Another analyst studying and summarising the data for public access is Dr Jessica Rose, who writes her own Substack at UnacceptableJessica. She also speaks out at many sources, for example this interview with Rebel News in Canada in December 2021. “There’s something going on here that nobody understands, in the context of women’s reproductive health …”.

55,000 FDA-released vaccine-related documents contain glaring omission.

LibertyBites latest video capturing sorrow at The Beehive.

2 thoughts on “Document Dumps

  1. Such ‘in your face’ information. How anyone can ignore the facts is beyond me…but then again, the masses who follow the local news and live in pods of like-minded (i.e. closed-minded) individuals do not want to hear it. In America it is so politically based it is incredible. I would have never thought living in a ‘Trump’ state would be a benefit to my health; but it strangely is. After a month living here, not a mask in site.

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