Science on the Sofa

Collateral Global are a UK-based public health organisation analysing and publishing data on the impacts of the pandemic response globally. They offer a range of excellent resources on multiple topics. Yesterday they published a video, Two Years On: a Q&A session between Professors Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis, both Infectious Disease Epidemiologists at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

What really happened in long term care facilities? We had excess deaths that were far more than the Covid infection, which were a tremendous problem. The lockdown and the panic that it instilled … left these people to their fate. It actually accelerated their fate. It did its best to kill them … I can’t believe that someone who has some common sense, and some minimal knowledge of public health, could propose this. It’s unbelievable“.

As well as the public health issues that they discuss, they reflect on their mutual experiences of being on the receiving end of vicious smear campaigns. “If you smear someone. Even if it is fake, the effect stays. So the credibility of that person, and the ability of that person to make an impact, to have their work recognised, is destroyed. Even if it is completely fake. Even if it is corrected at some point. It’s very sad that we’ve reached that point in science“.

On the topic of smearing and silencing, Dr Ben Tapper’s documentary The Time is Now is a powerful synopsis of events as they occurred in the USA, and of speaking truth to power. Among other stories, there is a detailed interview with Erin Osziewlski, the New York whistleblower nurse, who took undercover footage of the wards she was working on at “the epicentre of the epicentre”, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York. “It was $13,000 to admit these patients to the hospital. Another $39,000 to put them on a ventilator. In some cases people were worth $10,000 per death … Nurses were getting paid $10,000 per week, doctors were getting paid $50-60,000 a week. And everybody was on gag orders. And if you said anything you were fired“.

Errors in the recommendations, the contribution these errors made (and continue to make) to the suffering, and the power and motivation behind the recommendations, are a scandal. The fact that it remains largely unknown is testament to the monopoly those involved have, over all information sources. It also feeds into the new “misinformation” agenda being sold as the latest danger to society.

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