Fighting Felons

In this open letter and request for meeting to the NZ Police Commissioner, from NZ Lawyers Speaking Out With Science, the following statement is of relevance to us all.

We understand that it’s difficult to believe the images are real, and you may experience cognitive dissonance (the mind rejects new information that would force it to change a belief about one’s world) when you first view the images . . . However, Dr Shelton has sworn an affidavit that the images are real.

Two teams in New Zealand have personally seen the images down a microscope and published their work on Dr Shelton is the only person prepared to publicly speak out; the others are scared for their own safety. Since drafting this letter we have been advised that a further two independent teams in New Zealand have come forward with similar findings. NZDSOS members, including Dr Shelton, have seen this new work.

Overseas scientists are raising similar concerns. One such group is the Spanish science group La Quinta Columna ( and the English translation site This group has a chain of custody proof obviating any fraud. German pathologists and other specialists released their findings in September 2021 . . .

One of these men is a New Zealander who I trust implicitly for his extreme courage, commitment to the oath he took, and humanity. The other, discussing the exact same topic, I believe to be a violent criminal.

There are others speaking out. Whilst we allow our cognitive dissonance to reign supreme, we continue to unwittingly support the criminal. Understanding our own psychology is a significant factor in ensuring that these crimes do not play out longer than they already have. Evil only flourishes with the consent of Stupid.

Meanwhile, those speaking out face all mannner of attack, yet the courageous continue to stand up and be heard.

The Predator Is Back: Dr Jessica Rose on the constant “creepy, stalky” attacks she and her colleagues experience.

Russell Brand challenges those accusing him of being a “conspiracy theorist”.

I agree with Dr Alexander. Criminals should absolutely face justice.

Anthony Fauci told our government to tell people, “don’t do autopsies on Covid patients“.

An excerpt from The Real Anthony Fauci, a man whose “public health” advice, almost the entire world now follows:

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