Our Own Inquisition

Anthony Fauci is the guy who recommends:

  • Masking (and double masking) with no criteria and contrary to evidence;
  • mRNA vaccines (which he happens to have financial interest in);
  • Remdesivir as a treatment (highly toxic, linked to many deaths labelled as Covid; he happens to have financial interest);
  • Against repurposed, safe, effective early treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols (which threaten his empire).

He also funds gain of function research in multiple locations (in Wuhan; possibly in Ukraine, along the Russian border), with nefarious intent as described in the same book as the pages shared below.

Personally I consider him a brutal criminal. Sadly for humanity, he is hailed some sort of “hero” whose advice is closely followed by most.

The below two pages from Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci shows where today’s culture of character assassination and career destruction of anyone daring to dissent in “public health”, originates. The powerful top.

I was under the assumption that Dr Wolfgang Wodarg was the first to experience this type of high level assault, after he challenged WHO’s pharmaceutical corruption during Swine Flu in 2009. Actually Professor Duesberg preceded Wodarg by more than a decade. He was described as “among the world’s most known and respected scientists” until he dared to challenge Dr Fauci. This is how the Covid Cancel Culture evolved. From the power of a criminal gangster.

Rachel Stewart is a New Zealand journalist whose blog article Cows and Cowards outlines her experience with cancel culture. Makes for an interesting read. An excerpt here:

Robert F Kennedy Junior describes his own experience, being listed on Joe Biden’s “Disinformation Dozen” in Part II of his recent Megyn Kelly interview. “I have not made any inaccurate statements as far as I know. If I did make one, I would immediately apologise and withdraw it. Instagram and Facebook acknowledge that they use the term “vaccine misinformation” as a euphemism for any statement or assertion that departs from government proclamations, whether they’re factually true or not. So my crime was criticising government policies, it was not passing actual misinformation … Adams and Madison and Jefferson said we put freedom of speech in the First Amendment, because all the other rights are dependent on that right. If a government can silence criticism, it has a licence to commit any atrocity … I may be wrong about the things I talk about. But why can’t we debate them? … We have to ask cui bono? Who is benefiting from this? The pharmaceutical companies are. And also the Big Tech companies. This has been a war against the poor … 3.8 Trillion dollars from the global poor and from working people, to this new class of oligarch billionaires. And the same people who were benefiting are the ones who now control our communication. They were using their control to suppress and censor any criticism of the government lockdowns that were making them even richer. And there’s something really wrong with that “. [RFK Jr]

It’s not just suppression. It’s also demonisation, ostracisation, smearing… we’ve seen in the Fauci papers, that’s his MO. They’ve smeared several scientists and so on who weren’t following the Fauci line. They’ve definitely smeared you and some of the doctors you just mentioned … They don’t want people listening to you … As a lawyer, I know that if you go into a courtroom and you only present one side, you’re going to win, and that’s what they’re doing …” [Megan Kelly to RFK Jr]

Australia (and likely most previously democratic nations) are in lockstep with the USA government. Almost as though there’s a connection in some way? The AHPRA Inquisition Against Australian Health Professionals documents what happens to registered professionals who dare to speak out.

The same man who claims “Russia” are planning a cyber attack on the world says internet reforms are needed to ensure a single source of truth. Digital ID passports will allow/restrict access according to obedience.

Russell Brand hits the nail on the head in 20 seconds.

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