Rising From the Ashes

Over the last two years there have been many many decisions made by the government, in the handling of the Covid pandemic which have affected our lives. Those decisions ranged from lockdowns, to when we could go out and exercise and who with, to vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, whether our children could go to school and get an education, and so on and so forth. The time has come for a public inquiry into all of these decisions. How were they made? What risk-benefit analysis was done, if any? What modelers they chose? Why they chose those modelers? What the expertise was. How wide was the selection of those people? Why are children and the effect on children not being taken into account? What was the financial damage to people individually? What will the long-term health effects be? We need a deep, transparent, thorough inquiry“. Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, speaking on behalf of the UK Together Declaration. Submissions for the terms of reference for the planned inquiry have a 7 April 2022 deadline, and anyone who has signed the Together Declaration can submit.

So all these doctors came together in good faith because we’re scientists, hard core scientists … It’s not just medical science we know, of course that’s critically important. What’s far more important is medical freedom. How did Pol Pot, how did Stalin, how did Hitler, how did Mao take over their countries? Through consolidation of their health care systems. Then they instituted their socialist / communist regimes. What are we seeing right now? The consolidation of medicine and everything being a protocol run by administrators and government-run agencies … It’s a slippery slope into a really bad place for all of us“. Pathologist and Americas Frontline Doctor, Dr Ryan Cole, discussing bioethics, treating Covid, maintaining immune systems, anxiety as the number two factor for severe Covid outcomes, holding those committing medical crimes to account and much more. He is one of many who only rises from the ashes.

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