United We Stand

Aired on 24 March, The Highwire Episode 260: Winners, Sinners and the Death of a Generation, would have to be some of the highest quality journalism available today. It is almost three hours long but segments are available to view separately. Del Bigtree, himself a medical journalist for 20+ years, covers:

  • Review of the US VAERS database (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) with Dr Jessica Rose (mathematician, immunologist, computational biologist, molecular biologist). She had not heard of VAERS one year ago, but she started analysing it in order to teach herself the software program. The harms seen in her analysis would – in normal times – be known to all. Just another modern day scandal. She explains the Bradford-Hill Criteria of Causation in easy-to-understand terms. “A really good question is, what was happening before, and what’s unique to 2021? That’s what’s really standing out in all the data, not just in VAERS but also in publications … If we can get a larger proportion of the population just asking questions, then we can turn this situation around“.
  • The weekly Jaxen Report with medical journalist Jeffrey Jaxen.
    • The state of Idaho are working to stop vaccine mandates;
    • New Hampshire opening opportunities for access to Ivermectin;
    • big finance company JP Morgan ending all vaccine and test mandates (“under JP Morgan’s roof Covid no longer exists“);
    • United Airlines reinstating unvaccinated workers;
    • 10 airline CEOs pressuring the Biden Administration to stop mask mandates;
    • New York City lifting the vaccine mandate for athletes (not for workers);
    • massive backlogs in the UKs NHS;
    • French politician Eric Zemmour is running in the PM election against Macron, on an anti-mandate ticket (described in MSM as “far right”; this once would have put me off immediately but I now wonder what their criteria for claiming “far right” ideals is? Merely not being a Marxist seems to be enough?);
    • the acidic reception PM Trudeau received in the European Parliament last week;
    • evidence of harm caused to overall vaccine support following public health practices throughout Covid-19;
    • Anthony Fauci has stepped out of the media limelight, and is replaced in recent weeks by Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, whose public health advice is coincidentally that more vaccine boosters are required (for our sake, not his);
    • Jaxen and Bigtree analyse the evidence around multiple injection with mRNA substances and what this does to immune systems;
    • More from Bourla: “mRNA technology never delivered a single product until that day …” and his absurd description of becoming swiftly convinced by it;
    • Jaxen and Bigtree then analyse literature discussing mRNA injection biological adverse events (links to the papers are available) “we’re not telling you what to think, we’re trying to show you how to think, where to look for information … “;
    • an outline of a story about neonates in Intensive Care not being investigated as possible intra-uterine adverse events because medical staff fear repercussion;
    • an outline of a story about tinnitus as a possible adverse event, being experienced by physician Gregory Poland who is known historically for writing against “anti-vaccinationists” but now calling for further investigations.
  • A heartbreaking feature story about the Donaldson family and their 9yo son Tanner, who needs a life-saving renal transplant. Preparation for this is being refused due to the vaccine mandate. His donor father is Covid recovered with documented evidence of immunity following a four day illness, yet being required to take the vaccine before he can donate his kidney. If he experiences an adverse event, this can affect his right to donate. Tanner’s parents speak basic common sense in response to clinicians who appear to be unable to make independent medical decisions on behalf of their patients. The Highwire has a legal team with capacity to fight for this family.
  • District of Columbia, USA, passed legislation in 2020 to allow children as young as 11yo to get mRNA injections without parental consent or knowledge. Doctors, schools, health insurance companies and the Health Department were legally required to actively conceal from the parents that their child received the injection. Multiple other states are introducing similar laws. The Highwire’s collaboration with Siri & Glimstad lawyers, known as the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) brought a case against this law, and last week they won an injunction. ICAN Lead Counsel Aaron Siri speaks to Del Bigtree about the wider issue of Covid and children, as well as the case. His freedom of information access request to the CDC for information is especially interesting, as are the alarming conflicts of interest of people claiming “independence” for pharmaceutical safety monitoring board membership.
  • An interview with filmmaker Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic documentary series. They discuss the next anti-mandate rally planned for Los Angeles on 10 April 2022, as well as Episode 3 of Plandemic, due out on 4 July 2022.

“The cause that we should all be united for is our freedom and sovereignty”

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