Sense in the Senate

Australian politicians have finally started to speak out.

Senator Gerard Rennick!

Senator Malcolm Roberts!

In speaking to people with vaccine injuries, the stories touched upon by these senators are a tiny tip of a huge iceberg. The harms to our own people in ever increasing numbers are catastrophic and reminiscent of working in a third world nation where there are no protections and an environment of fear.

The intimidation of doctors is obvious. People say things such as “My doctor confirmed that he thought it was from the vaccine. But he said he would only tell me verbally while we were alone in his clinic room. He refused to write it in my notes. He explained that they have received letters stating that they can lose their licence if they do”. And “My doctor said it was a vaccine injury but when I went for my next appointment, she said that it wasn’t and so she would not report it. She didn’t explain why she had changed her mind and wouldn’t talk about it”.

Whilst individual doctors can (should be able to) give an opinion to their specific patient, vaccine as the cause of an injury is only confirmed by a committee of vaccine experts. They look at individual cases but the centralised reporting mechanism also allows for detection of population-wide patterns. As such it is the individual doctor’s responsibility to report possible adverse events by considering the possibility regardless of personal opinion, and letting the centralised committee review and decide. That many injuries are not being reported means that patterns will be missed, and vaccine associated harms can remain obscured. Private reporting systems have been established in some places to try and address this failure.

Not only are previously well people being left in a state of ill health but many lose their ability to work. Most receive no financial assistance with the resulting health care expenses they suddenly face. Many describe unforgivable mistreatment in health care facilities, especially those who have declined to take a follow-up dose and are now considered “unvaccinated” and “anti vaxxa”.

Through all of this, corporate aligned media remain true to their big dollar public-private contracts with governments and big business. Whilst a calamity unfolds they refuse to budge from “safe and effective” messaging.

This is the Australian Health Professionals Regulatory Agency, responsible for licensing health professionals.

Those dismissing this catastrophe as being “anti vaxxa”, “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation” stand on the wrong side of a historical crisis.

~ Dr Mark Changizi

2 thoughts on “Sense in the Senate

  1. What powerful speeches! The room appeared almost empty though in both videos. So dismaying that so few of their colleagues are interested in this very important topic.

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    1. The issue can’t remain hidden forever. Eventually we’ll all be affected. An avoidable tragedy that became unavoidable due to the “single source of truth” philosophy.

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