Klaus Wants Your House

Alex Antic, MP in South Australia, spoke in parliament yesterday on the illicit aspirations of the World Economic Forum.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the international Corona Investigative Committee, expands on the issue in this interview with Alex Jones at InfoWars. “The latest thing we found out about Klaus Schwab … and his World Economic Forum … Turns out his father tried to help out the Nazis, tried to help them build an atomic bomb. And Klaus Schwab tried the very same in the 1960s while founding the World Economic Forum … and he tried to help the South African Apartheid regime … make their own atomic bombs. This is against international law. This is illegal. This guy is a monster … It turns out World Economic Forum is not a European creation. Klaus Schwab went to Harvard in the 1960s and they had a program there which was financed by the CIA, run by Henry Kissinger … It was basically a CIA financed invention run by Henry Kissinger …“.

But it’s okay. They are just trying to “protect” us. So we should keep following all of their rulz. It is the only way that we can “stay safe”.

Or else read up on Kissinger’s accountability in sabotaging large parts of the now-impoverished world.

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