The Tool of Tyrants

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda was released yesterday. A half hour documentary examining the use of vaccines in impoverished nations. The story of what happened in Kenya reads like a foretelling of global events since 2020. There are so many atrocious and instructive revelations in this interview (10 June 2022) with NZDSOS Doctor Alanna Ratna and … More The Tool of Tyrants

Sense in the Senate

Australian politicians have finally started to speak out. Senator Gerard Rennick! Senator Malcolm Roberts! In speaking to people with vaccine injuries, the stories touched upon by these senators are a tiny tip of a huge iceberg. The harms to our own people in ever increasing numbers are catastrophic and reminiscent of working in a third … More Sense in the Senate

The Cavalry is Us

Brianne Dressen, a young fit mother and early childhood teacher, signed up for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine trial in Utah in November 2020. She subsequently suffered severe injuries. She described her experiences with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his 16 January 2022 podcast. Her injuries include vision, hearing and balance disturbances, a feeling of being electrocuted … More The Cavalry is Us

Force Awareness

I spoke to a police officer yesterday. She expects to be stood down from her job on Monday, prior to being dismissed. She said that New Zealand will lose approximately 500 officers to the vaccine mandate. She expressed her thoughts on the agenda behind these mandates which she and many of her colleagues refuse to … More Force Awareness

Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Throughout history populations have been pitted against each other by leaders with nefarious plans. It usually ends in profound suffering. History books are filled with it. The Khmer Rouge promoted “narking” amongst their impoverished, starving citizens, for crimes as miniscule as scavenging for food. The East German Stasi planted “narks” amongst the people to sift … More Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”