One Soul At A Time

Health Care Workers are being intimidated into silence. This has been obvious since the very first doctors spoke out against lockdown in California, in April 2020. They faced a highly unusual, extremely publicised campaign of outrage for what seemed to be perfectly acceptable, supported professional opinions. This was one of the first clues that speaking up for basic public health principles and social justice had become an inexplicably dangerous activity. Understanding why was a disturbing, unsolved mystery.

Grave concerns for increased risks of adverse events following vaccination of recovered Covid-19 patients

Dr Mark Hobart has requested his letter originally addressed and hand delivered to Professor Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer, be distributed widely.

Dr Mark Hobart has unique and extensive experience treating Covid-19 positive patients in Nursing Homes in Melbourne, especially during the height of the outbreak in 2020.

He has grave concerns about the increased risks of adverse events following vaccination of recovered Covid-19 patients. His concerns were raised due to his own clinical experience and discussions with senior immunologists, virologists and infectious disease specialists. Dr Hobart decided to alert health authorities about his concerns regarding the proposed vaccination of his nursing home patients who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 illness last year and had fully recovered.

In short, 14 out of 14 of Dr Hobart’s known Covid patients recently tested positive to Covid antibodies, 10 months after having had, and recovered from their Covid illness. Also, 10 patients in the same nursing home who didn’t contract the illness ALL tested negative to Covid antibodies.

His concerns were reinforced by a recent paper showing: “vaccinated people who have previously had Covid-19 illness there is up to 112% increase of requiring hospitalisation due to severe adverse reactions.” Self-Reported Real-World Safety and Reactogenicity of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Vaccine Recipient Survey.

Following no response from Professor Sutton or the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr Hobart has opted to alert fellow medical colleagues of his concerns directly.

He has asked that his letter be shared widely among colleagues, family members and even your members of parliament.

He is calling for all nursing home patients in particular to be tested for Covid Antibodies prior to receiving vaccination and to be fully informed of the increased risks of severe adverse events if they are found to be positive.


CMN Communications team

The letter (below) is at this link.

Dr Hobart is an example to all that disobedience will not be tolerated. Historic times as health care is fractured, one soul at a time.

Prior to New World Order, this would have been a serious conflict of interest.

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