Little White Crosses

A petition for recognition, treatment and compensation for NZ vaccine injured was presented in Wellington on Tuesday 29 March 2022. Petition representatives were prevented by police from entering parliament grounds. MP Chris Penk met them below the terrace to receive the petition.

The below report on events of the day comes from Health Forum NZ, an advocacy group working with the vaccine injured and those experiencing harm from the mandates and public health response in other ways.


MP Chris Penk received the petition.

Stuff did a “piece” on the day.

It was unbalanced and contained an especially heart wounding paragraph specifically about one of the long term vaccine damaged participants, who has shown nothing but courage throughout.

Here is a letter written to Stuff in response to this article…

Dear Janine,

I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding Sophie Cornish’s piece today “reporting” on a petition handed over to Chris Penk at parliament.

The story was intentionally misleading and made no mention at all of the petition substance.

Every single person that was wearing a white t-shirt at the service today, myself included; had a vaccine. The story Sophie put forward, misleads readers into believing we are anti vaxers when in fact we did our part for the 5 million and rolled up our sleeves. The only difference is that we had adverse reactions.

The petition we put forward, is asking for recognition and fair medical treatment for vaccine injured. ACC will not process a claim without a diagnosis. Some people who were there today, have been waiting 5 or 6 months, in and out of hospital and in pain, still with no diagnosis.

I am one of the very few people who has been granted an exemption from Ashley Bloomfield and I was there today advocating for my fellow citizens who have exactly the same symptoms as myself, yet have been denied exemptions.

If you would like to publish a story including factual content, I would be happy to write a piece for you regarding the struggles Vaccine Injured are having within our medical system.

Kind Regards,

After losing 60,000 members when Facebook closed their site, Health Forum NZ can now be found at a new Facebook page; on Telegram; on MeWe.

Another event from this week was a small win for the lionhearts at NZDSOS.

In many regions across the globe who had not or who had barely experienced Covid, once vaccines were introduced their pandemic began. Why would a vaccine lead to this outcome? One theory has been that a substance which suppresses T-Cell immunity reactivates latent virus from prior undetected infection. This theory appeared in a recent pre-print by Peruvian researchers.

The fight against harmful “public health” responses continues globally by informed professionals and affected lay people alike. An example here from New Zealands NZ Unite movement.

Barrister Julian Gillespie appeared on 22 March to a cross-party Australian inquiry with this very revealing report.

Dr Daniel Nagase spoke in Canada days ago on the imperative reasons to look beyond dubious official public health messaging. This one is especially pertinent to parents.

Also pertinent to parents, Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks for two minutes here.

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