How to Stop WHO and Why

Dr Tess Lawrie gave this interview with Australian presenter Maria Zeee yesterday, in her quest to alert us all to the risks posed by the planned WHO pandemic treaty.

Dr Lawrie is a medical doctor specialising in evidence based medical research. She has worked as a research consultant to the World Health Organisation and runs her own consultancy firm, EbMCsquared. Since and because of the appalling pandemic response promoted by WHO, she founded an alternative public health organisation, the World Council for Health. In its infancy, WCH already provide a realistic, useful, ethical and evidence based alternative to the corrupted, profiteering approach being enforced by WHO and their ultra wealthy corporate partners.

Dr Lawrie has spoken out for the use of safe and effective early treatment protocols, and against the novel Covid-19 injections being mandated around the world which she states unequivocally as being “unsafe for human use“. She has been at the centre of the Ivermectin scandal which is outlined in Oracle Films’ Letter to Dr Andrew Hill.

Her reputation may be difficult for the pharmaceutical cabal to discredit, but she has said in an interview that she avoids ever Googling her own name as she expects to be vilified and prefers not to know.

Dr Lawrie represents authentic public health, protecting civil liberties and medical freedom, promoting evidence based practice and following the basic principles of Public Health 101. An example is upholding of the Siracusa Principles, which recognise and aim to prevent government abuse of fundamental human rights via illegal and disproportionate responses during public emergencies.

The USA, for example, is now presenting data that shows more than 40% increase in mortality of the population aged between 15 and 44 years old since 2019. European data is reportedly showing similar excess mortality. This devastation is a direct result of incompetent, inhumane and unreasonable public health impositions including lockdowns and the mandating of unsafe medical products.

Dr Lawrie and World Council for Health offer a viable, authentic alternative to the ideas from those currently holding an imbalance of wealth and power, who cause harm and label it health, and are openly planning to take global control.

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